Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 670

But after seeing Cai Guofu’s firm appearance, she could only bite the bullet, picked up the wine glass, and drank it again.
Drink two glasses in a row.
Under this high concentration of alcohol, Bai Yi’s pretty face showed a hint of burgundy, making her look more gorgeous and charming.
Seeing the blush on Bai Yi’s pretty face, Cai Guofu just felt his heart beating wildly.
At this moment, I can’t wait to press this stunner under my crotch, and torment him severely.
“Cai, can we talk now?” Bai Yi asked in a deep voice, looking directly at Cai Guofu.
At this moment, her defense against Cai Guofu became more intense.
Cai Guofu smiled slightly, sitting in a chair and said:
“Miss Bai Yi, I can sell you the Blue Ocean Building! However, there are two options.”
Bai Yi was happy when he heard that Cai Guofu agreed to sell the Blue Ocean Building, but when he heard the two choices, Bai Yi asked in confusion:
“What does Mr. Cai mean?”
“The first choice!” Cai Guofu Smiled slightly:
“For money transactions, the Blue Ocean Building will sell it to you at a price of 3 billion!”
Three billion!
Bai Yi was stunned. In her estimation, the Blue Ocean Building was worth 1.5 billion at most.
Although this price is already extremely expensive, it is not a problem with the support of the Jiangnan chaebol.
But three billion, this is obviously Cai Guofu’s lion’s big opening, sitting on the ground and raising the price.
“I don’t know what the second option Mr. Cai said?” Bai Yi continued to ask with an ugly face And hearing this, Cai Guofu’s smile was filled with a hint of lewdness.
He glanced at Bai Yi’s delicate and elegant body, smiled and said:
“The second choice, no money!”
for free?
Bai Yi was taken aback, and just before she understood what Cai Guofu meant, Cai Guofu’s voice continued.
“Just you!”
Just you!
Hearing this, Bai Yi’s complexion changed. She rubbed her whole body, got up from the chair, and stared at Cai Guofu with a gloomy face and asked: “Cai, I am a married woman, please Self-respect!”
Bai Yi’s reaction was extremely intense.
It just fell in the eyes of Cai Guofu, but it made the fire in his heart more and more concentrated.
“Married woman? Hahaha…Miss Bai Yi, you are wrong. After today, you will be just a widow!”
“So, why don’t you agree to my second choice! You don’t need to pay a penny, just If you are willing to be my woman, then the Blue Ocean Building will give it to you, how about it?”
Cai Guofu completely tore off his disguise at this moment.
The evil in that voice is chilling.
However, what made Bai Yi even more angry was what Cai Guofu said.
After today, is it a widow?
This sentence means that Lin Fan…is in danger!
“Cai Guofu, you…what do you mean?”
Bai Yi was completely panicked.

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