Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 675

Feeling Bai Yi’s attachment in his arms, Lin Fan’s heart trembled fiercely. He gently rubbed Bai Yi’s head and kissed her forehead deeply:
“My wife, I’m fine! You too! It’s okay!”
After saying this, Lin Fan held Bai Yi’s pretty face in his hands.
This beautiful and beautiful face, white as snow, was completely wet with tears, and it looked like a pear blossom with rain.
But when Lin Fan saw the bright red slap print on Bai Yi’s cheek.
In his eyes, there was a flash of cold light bursting out instantly.
My wife was slapped in the face.
This is…damn it.
At this moment, that gloomy and terrifying aura diffused from Lin Fan’s body, instantly causing the temperature in the entire box to drop to freezing point.
Whether it was the two brothers Cai Guofu or the four bodyguards, they all felt their bodies chill, and their hairs stood up in an instant.
This feeling is as if they are facing a terrible devil.
“It’s you?”
Lin Fan’s gaze was instantly locked on Cai Guofu’s body.
With just one look, Cai Guofu almost frightened him to pee, his face pale and he took a step back.
It wasn’t until he retreated to his four bodyguards that he breathed a sigh of relief, and he gained more confidence in his heart:
“Yes…what about me?”
“Boy, you broke my brother’s limbs. Then I will let you die!”
Cai Guofu looked at the four bodyguards next to him and said viciously:
“You go together! Who can kill this bastard, then I will reward him with 100 million!”
After hearing these words from Cai Guofu, the four bodyguards were all startled.
One hundred million?
Even if they were bodyguards for a lifetime, they couldn’t make such a huge sum of money.
And now…
There must be a brave man under the serious injury. At this moment, the eyes of the four bodyguards flashed a strong color of greed. The gaze looking at Lin Fan was like looking at a prey, showing ferociousness and hideousness.
“Go together! Kill him!”
With a violent roar, each of the four bodyguards drew a dagger from his waist, and then, like four hungry wolves, rushed towards Lin Fan to kill.
Hurry up!
The four of them almost used their speed to the extreme, and in a flash, they rushed to Lin Fan.
The four shimmering daggers slammed down against Lin Fan’s neck.

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