Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 674

Cai Guofu’s whole person was dumbfounded. The four subordinates he knew best about him were all cruel people who licked blood, especially their strength.
With four people working together, even twenty or thirty people can beat it.
Not to mention killing a Lin Fan, it was a cannon hitting mosquitoes.
But now…
his four tyrannical bodyguards all died, especially the way of death that made Cai Guofu unbelievable.
Shattered the bones of the whole body and died?
how can that be.
This is more than that.
Cai Guofu could clearly see from the TV screen that the faces of his four assassins were solidified with deep fear and despair.
As if they saw the devil before they died.
“They are dead! Doesn’t that mean… Lin Fan is okay?”
Bai Yi was completely shocked at this moment, she was covering her mouth, almost crying with joy.
“Ma’s! That kid is not dead, how is this possible! How is it possible!”
Cai Guofu roared in panic.
Especially, when he turned his gaze and saw Bai Yi’s cry of joy, the anger and resentment in his heart became more and more turbulent:
“Grass! Lao Tzu did it first, you will speak!” As soon as the words fell, Cai Guofu once again. As soon as his body jumped, he wanted to rush towards Bai Yi.
But at this moment!
Under the unbelievable sight of everyone, the door of the box uttered a roar, bursting to pieces in an instant.
Along with a few figures that looked like dead dogs, he fell in.
With a thud, it fell to the ground.
These people, covered in blood, passed out into a coma.
It was Cai Guofu’s guard bodyguard arranged outside.
“Damn it, who?”
Cai Guofu’s heart was beating wildly, and he stared hard at the door with his eyes.
And in his line of sight, a thin figure slowly walked in.
It was… Lin Fan.
At this moment, when Lin Fan’s figure appeared behind the door of the box.
Wow… the two brothers Cai Guofu, Ji Lingling shuddered, their faces, as if they had seen a ghost, were filled with deep disbelief.
Bai Yi was covering her small mouth, and   she burst into tears instantly: “Lin Fan!!!”
She wailed, her whole being like a lost little girl, once again seeing her family, running towards Lin Fan Go and rushed into his arms fiercely.
Tears, like beads with a broken thread, crackled and fell continuously.
“You bastard, I thought you were dead! Why do you want to worry about me so much? If you die, how can I live! You idiot, bastard, fool! Uuu…”
Bai Yi thought about it at this moment. Sorrow, fear, and despair were all vented.
The whole person has completely cried into tears.

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