Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 678

after all.
It has only been two days since Lin Fan came to Jiangshi, but there were already several unsightly things that provoke this great god.
This makes all the big guys in Yunhai City panic and uneasy.
The underground giants such as King Kong and Hutou looked at Cai Guofu with murderous expressions, and said grimly:
“Master Lin, as long as you have a word, we will now chop up these two chopped pieces. Dog!”
Wow… the words were cruel and vicious, and it made the two brothers Cai Guofu almost paralyzed.
“This matter has nothing to do with you!” Lin Fan’s voice was indifferent, his eyes turned, and he stared at Cai Guofu, with a grin:
“It’s related to them!”
When this sentence fell, Cai Guofu was struck by lightning, and he knelt down to Lin Fan involuntarily.
“Lin …… Linda Zong division, I …… I do not know who you are, ah, you old large number of adults, forgive me this time, I Cai Guofu even when cattle and horses, but also willing to repay your Grace!”
Afraid Up!
At this moment, Cai Guofu was completely scared. After all, not only Lin Fan, but also any one of Fei Lao, Qi Lao and others, could easily make their brothers bloody the streets.
Cai Guofu seemed to have thought of something. He quickly took out two cheques from his arms and handed them to Lin Fan:
“Master Lin , this is a 150 million cheque, as I am paying you! In addition, I You can transfer the Blue Ocean Building and all the properties of our brothers to you. I only ask you to spare our brothers!”
A check of 150 million!
All industries.
I have to say that Cai Guofu is very courageous. In order to save his life, he is even willing to give all of his own.
However, Lin Fansen smiled:
“Okay! In that case, I can’t kill you!”
Lin Fan’s words stunned the Cai Guofu brothers and Fei Lao and others.
They didn’t expect that Lin Fan was so easy to talk, even willing not to kill them.
At the moment, Cai Guofu was extremely ecstatic. He knelt on the ground and knocked his head at Lin Fan as if pounding garlic:
“Thank you, Grand Master Lin , Thank you, Grand Master Lin!” As he knelt and thanked, he gave the two checks respectfully. Handed it to Lin Fan.
Lin Fan smiled faintly, then took the check and put it in his pocket.
Elder Fei, who was next to him, also winked at the people behind him, and someone immediately walked out, and in just one or two minutes, he brought a thick contract.
Asset transfer commitment letter.
As long as the words are signed on this and there is also the testimony of Fei Lao and others, then all the properties under the names of the Blue Ocean Building and the two brothers Cai Guofu will be owned by Lin Fan.
See this scene.
The two brothers Cai Guofu, no matter how unwilling they were in their hearts, they could only bite the bullet and sign on them.

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