Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 679

When everything is done.
Lin Fan accepted the asset transfer undertaking, glanced faintly, and nodded in satisfaction.
“Lin…Mr. Lin, can we go now?” At this moment, Cai Guofu didn’t dare to face Lin Fan again.
He was afraid of this demon, so he changed his mind and started killing his brothers again.
Lin Fan smiled and nodded faintly:
“Of course! When you get to hell, remember to apologize to your four assassins. After all, they died a bit miserable!”
Lin Fan’s words were like a burst of thunder, causing the faces of the two brothers Cai Guofu to become pale and bloodless.
Lin Fan is going to… kill them?
“Mr. Lin, you…you can’t do this, you just promised it personally. As long as we hand in the check and all the properties, we can bypass us and not die!”
“Now that our brother has signed it, you can’t go wrong!”
Cai Guofu panicked completely, and a trace of despair filled his face.
He doesn’t want to die.
Even if he loses everything, he still has the opportunity to make a comeback, wealth, beauty, status, all of which he said cannot be abandoned.
After hearing this, Lin Fan smiled even more gloomily:
“You should remember it wrong, I said, I didn’t kill you, it’s because you kind of bugs are not qualified to die in my hands! “But this doesn’t mean that others can’t kill you!”
As soon as these words came out, the two brothers Cai Guofu were frightened.
Not only that.
They were amazed to see that as soon as Lin Fan’s words fell, King Kong, Hutou and other underground fierce bigwigs all surrounded them.
Huh huh!
A shimmering dagger appeared in the hands of King Kong and others, their expressions were so cruel and ferocious.
“Remember, entertain them! There are 206 bones in a person’s body, so cut them into 206 segments!”
Lin Fan’s voice was cold and indifferent.
But this sentence fell.
Let everyone burst their scalp.
Cut it into 206 segments!
So spicy!
So cruel!
What is even more frightening is that these cruel words, spoken from Lin Fan’s mouth, are just like killing two ants and reptiles, so easy, simple and indifferent.
Brother Cai Guofu was completely scared to pee.
But before they begged Lin Fan for mercy again, they saw King Kong and an underground tycoon rushing up with a ferocious face.
Huh huh!
The dagger flickered coldly.
Blood spattered everywhere.

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