Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 682

This is more than that.
One by one, from the mobile phones of those giants. , Suddenly, traffic control appeared.
The main road from Yunhai to Jiangshi was blocked one by one, and private cars were prohibited from passing.
The entire Yunhai City seemed to be using an incredibly high standard to escort Lin Fan and Bai Yi away.
at the same time!
On the main road to Jiangshi, there is also a BMW X5 driving slowly.
Inside the car, it was the uncle Bai Hai and Bai Yifan.
After dealing with Yunhai City, the father and son are going to return to Jiang City tonight.
However, when they had just turned an intersection, they suddenly found that police cars were clearing the road, dispersing traffic on the road.
“Huh? Roads are restricted?” Bai Yifan frowned while driving.
At this moment, he saw that a car was driven away by traffic restrictions, making the entire main road empty.
This is more than that.
A famous traffic policeman began to pull up the isolation belt on the edge of the road. This scene seemed to be a big figure going out.
“Oh my god, a road was blocked! I don’t know who is going to leave Yunhai City?” Uncle Bai Hai was also shocked.
He knew that even if it was the No.1 Big Brother Yunhai, there was absolutely no such treatment.
This is at least the highest level in the province, or national-level giants, to enjoy such treatment.
The shock is just beginning.
At this moment, the father and son saw that from the front of the empty road, there were Rolls Royces driving in front.
“Ten Rolls-Royce, clear the way!” The father and son looked at each other, obviously frightened.
But this does not stop.
When they saw clearly the license plate of the Rolls Royce, their hearts were even more shocking.
“Dad! Isn’t that license plate exclusive to Mr. Yun Hai Fei? Does Mr. Fei drive himself? How is this possible?” Uncle Bai Hai almost fell out of his eyes at this moment.
He stared at the old Rolls-Royce with a pair of eyes. After he saw an old figure on the back seat of the car, Bai Hai could not help but shudder.
“Yes… it is Father Fei, it turned out to be true!”
Bai Hai couldn’t imagine what a terrifying identity this escort could be for a big figure like Mr. Fei to open the way in person.
On the side, Bai Yifan also exclaimed in shock:
“Dad! And the next one is the luxury car of the Qi family! Father Qi is also sitting in it!”
“The third car is the Zhou family, and the third wealthy Yunhai is at the helm. People!”
One after another!
But Bai Hai and his son were shocked to discover that this Rolls-Royce, which had cleared ten vehicles, had gathered the helms of all the top giants in Yunhai City.
This is horrified.

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