Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 683

It’s just that a scene that shocked them even more appeared.
When ten Rolls-Royce drove slowly past, in the double-team of the convoy, they actually vaguely saw a…Mercedes-Benz in the middle!
Father and son Bai Hai almost suspected that they were dazzled at this moment.
Ten Rolls-Royce’s horrible road lineup, and the escort turned out to be a Mercedes?
Isn’t this an international joke?
However, the voice of Bai Yifan next to him was as if he had seen a ghost:
“Dad…Dad! How do I look? The Mercedes escorted inside the Rolls-Royce motorcade seems to be Bai Yi’s family Of? ”
Hearing Bai Yifan’s words, Bai Hai was even more confused.
He immediately looked at the convoy ahead again, but the Mercedes-Benz was almost sandwiched by Rolls-Royces, and it was impossible to see the license plate of the Mercedes-Benz.
“Yifan, what are you talking about nonsense! What are Bai Yi and Lin Fan? Just Cai Guofu can break Lin Fan’s leg and make Bai Yi go home alone!”
“What qualifications do they have? Let all the top bosses in Yunhai City personally escort them! Isn’t this bullshit!”
Uncle Bai Hai sternly reprimanded his son at this moment.
And heard this.
Bai Yifan nodded involuntarily.
That’s right!
If Bai Yi and Lin Fan were personally escorted by the entire Yunhai giants, it would be unbelievable even if they killed him.
“Maybe my eyes are dazzled!” Bai Yifan shook his head, and immediately threw this absurd idea out of his mind.
At this moment, the father and son once again saw that after the ten Rolls-Royce and the escorted Mercedes were moving forward, there were still ten Rolls-Royces behind.
In particular, these ten Rolls-Royce all belong to the underground giants of Yunhai City.
King Kong…
Tiger Head…
The car of one underground boss after another, this made the Bai Hai father and son almost suffocated.
“Unbelievable! It’s incredible!”
At this moment, Uncle Bai Hai looked at the broken ten Rolls Royce, and his whole body was shocked to the extreme.
“It’s unimaginable, that the Mercedes car, what is the big brother who? Even let the old charges and others to clear the way, let Diamond, who bring up the rear!”
“This is the number one fear level save it!”
The uncle white In the eyes of the sea, perhaps only the top provincial giants have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of treatment.
And aside.
Bai Yifan also the face of lament and excitement:
“! Dad went to River City, this road is the main road, the old charges to escort and others, is likely to be the great man went to River City, we should not inform their grandfather!”
“Maybe , Have a chance to catch up with this big man!”

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