Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 69

Riding an electric bike?
Hearing this, many Shen family and guests on the first floor turned their eyes to look outside.
And just under the horrified sight of everyone.
A young man drove slowly from the direction of Caesars Hotel on an electric bicycle.
It is Lin Fan.
“Hahaha…yes, he is Bai Yi’s husband. When he went to Shen’s house, I drove him away!”
“Laughing, there were people arguing just now that Mr. Lin might be Lin Fan, haha, what? Well? People ride on Rolls Royce, and Lin Fan rides a broken electric!”
“It’s really shameful, how can our Shen family have such shabby relatives.”
“…” For a moment, there was a lot of noise around.
Everyone’s face was full of contempt.
It seemed to them that Lin Fan, who was riding an electric motor, was a purely inferior person, and he was not qualified to have a relationship with them at all.
But when the noisy ridicule around Bai Yi’s ears fell into the ears of Bai Yi’s three mouths, the faces of the family of three were immediately hotly embarrassed.
“This stinky boy, don’t you know how to take a taxi?” Shen Yumei’s expression was so ugly and ugly.
Bai Yi and Bai Shan on the side couldn’t help smiling bitterly.
Lin Fan came to the entrance of the restaurant, parked the electric car, and walked in quickly.
“Wife, I’m here!”
Lin Fan went straight to Bai Yi.
At this moment, Bai Yi completely denied Lin Fan’s guess that it might be Mr. Lin.
At the moment, Lin Fan gave Lin Fan angrily, and then said:
“Go! Come with me to see Grandpa.”
After speaking, Bai Yi took Lin Fan and walked in the direction of Taigong Shen.
Along the way, the laughter of the surrounding guests was endless, making Bai Yi’s pretty face ugly to the extreme.
When the couple just came to Shen Taigong’s table, Lin Fan had not yet spoken.
“Okay! I’m not your grandfather!”
Shen Taigong’s expression was cold and ruthless, and he stared directly at Lin Fan:
“Because you are not qualified!”
This sentence, full of humiliation, immediately caused an uproar among the surrounding guests.
As the saying goes, you don’t hit smiley people.
They didn’t expect that Grandpa Shen hated Lin Fan to such an extent that he would prevent Lin Fan from coming to the stage in front of everyone.
See this scene.
Bai Yi was completely angry, her pretty face was so gloomy, she stared at her grandfather, and asked:
“Grandpa, how can you talk like this, even if Lin Fan doesn’t stand up, he is my Bai Yi’s husband.”
“Except for me. , You are not qualified to humiliate him!”
After speaking, Bai Yi suddenly turned around and took Lin Fan away.
Bai Yi didn’t want to stay here at all at this moment.
However, when she just walked to the door, Shen Yumei hurried to catch up.
“Bai Yi, just beg you as a mother, don’t leave! He is your grandfather…” Shen Yumei’s face was pleading.
She didn’t feel humiliated, but what could be done.
Shen Taigong is her father after all.
The Shen family, after all, is her natal family.
“Mom…” Bai Yi’s eyes were red, and tears almost fell.
Especially when she saw Shen Yumei’s begging look, her heart suddenly softened.
Just at this moment, a welcome came over, Lin Fan indifference toward the family, said:
“!. Since they do not go, then come with me you have to ready position”
finish, the welcome Bin suddenly turned around and left.
And Shen Yumei pulled Bai Yi and Lin Fan, and followed closely.
However, when they saw the position they had prepared for their family, whether it was Bai Yi or Shen Yumei, their expressions changed again.
At the door!
Yes, there was a large table at the entrance, the table was shabby and the chairs were extremely messy.
It looked like it was a beggar.

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