Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 7

Thank you for your life-saving grace ten years ago!
When the words of Manager Wang fell, the whole box seemed to have turned on the mute switch and fell into dead silence.
Everyone felt their breath stagnate, as if they had heard something incredible.
Is Lin Guangyao the savior of Blood Rose?
The hearts of Wen Qian and others felt that they were in their throats, and their hearts were shocked.
That’s a blood rose!
There is a terror like the Queen of Jiang City, and Lin Guangyao saved her life, and the relationship between Lin Guangyao and the youngest Xu Ziheng is very deep, then his status has soared, and he can be one of the top big brothers in Jiang City. Column.
Huh huh!
At this moment, everyone looked at Lin Guangyao with reverence.
Especially, Mr. Wang left the box respectfully with a group of waiters.
All the old classmates in the entire box boiled up, surrounded by Lin Guangyao, as if the stars were holding the moon:
“Brother Guangyao! You are so amazing, you are the savior of Blood Rose!”
“Oh my God, These wines are all precious wines of blood roses. Even the top big brothers in Jiang City cannot enjoy them. Now they are all given to you, which is almost millions of dollars!”
“Squad leader, in the future we But you have to cover it!”
Wen Qian and others looked at Lin Guangyao, full of little stars, and some bold girls began to rub Lin Guangyao’s arm with their bodies.
Attitude, flattering to the extreme.
Not only them!
Even Bai Yi couldn’t help but look at Lin Guangyao differently at this moment, filled with deep surprise.
Especially, when she compares with Lin Fan, who is silent by her side, her sense of loss is even stronger.
Why are other men so dazzling!
Why is Lin Fan so unbearable!
But at this moment, unlike everyone’s crazy flattery, Lin Guangyao’s heart was full of doubt and anxiety.
Because he didn’t even remember when he saved the blood rose.
Especially ten years ago?
At that time he was still a student, how could he have saved anyone!
“Perhaps, I accidentally saved her, right?”
Lin Guangyao shook his head immediately, and threw the anxiety out of his mind, especially after facing everyone’s praise, he even really felt that he was the savior of the blood rose.
Suddenly, the scenery is endless.
Especially, after he discovered that Bai Yi was looking at him, his vanity even soared:
“Dear students, since Lin Fan can’t pay, I bought this order today!”
When the word fell, the box boiled.
In everyone’s eyes, Lin Guangyao’s figure became infinitely taller.
“Haha… the squad leader is too awesome! It’s not like someone, swollen face to fill a fat man, and if you have no money to pay the bill, you will pretend to be forced!”
“Yes! Our squad leader is still powerful and domineering. I think Bai Yi should marry back then. Squad leader!”
“Hey! Goddess Bai Yi, why don’t you kick the trash around you now! You and the squad leader are definitely a pair of talented women!”
“…” The crowd was noisy.
The voice was full of contempt and disdain for Lin Fan, all of which were meant to match Bai Yi and Lin Guangyao.
Hearing these words, Bai Yi’s pretty face turned red and white.
It’s more than that!
Wen Qian moment, the face of ridicule against Lin Fan said:
“?!! Lin Fan, you see it is that we monitor what people, and you are what you are qualified to waste, white and Iraq together.”
“I I persuade you to leave Bai Yi quickly! Others ask for trouble!”
Wen Qian’s words sounded like everyone’s aspirations.
Everyone looked at Lin Fan, as if watching a clown, a joke.
Not only did Lin Fan not feel the slightest irritation, but a meaningful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:
After speaking, he slowly stood up, and his eyes scanned all the people present:
“I hope you can still laugh later. Have to be so happy!”
What does this guy mean?
Everyone frowned, and just when they wanted to continue to ridicule Lin Fan, they saw that Lin Fan said directly to Bai Yi:
“I’m waiting for you outside!”
After speaking, Lin Fan didn’t look at it anymore. Everyone gave a glance and left the box directly.
“Cut! This guy is really lacklustre! He’s a joke, don’t you let others say it?” Wen Qian’s pretty face is extremely ugly at the moment, with disgust and contempt on her face.
The rest of the people also thought that Lin Fan walked away, ashamed of all his faces, and added a laugh.
“Don’t worry about him! He must have no face to stay here, so he just got ridiculously away!”
“Yes! What qualifications does he have to compare with our monitor!”
“Haha… it’s better to leave! It’s just a waste of nothing! We eat it ourselves!”
Everyone laughed and didn’t care about Lin Fan’s departure.
Only Bai Yi!
She looked at the door of the empty box, her disappointment was extremely rich.
Pretending to be impossible, it became a joke!
And now he walks away, even more demeanor!
A trace of bitterness appeared at the corner of Bai Yi’s mouth, making her feel ashamed.
Plates of exquisite dishes were brought in by the waiter respectfully.
Wen Qian, Lin Guangyao and the others, tasting and drinking, were extremely happy.
And in this, almost everyone is touting Lin Guangyao, he is like an idol of everyone, he is respected and awed.
Just soon!
Da da da!
The sound of footsteps resounded, and I saw the previous manager Wang, but once again walked in:
“Mr. Lin, our eldest sister is here to toast!”
When these words came out, everyone in the box put down their chopsticks and stood up together.
Big sister?
Naturally, blood rose!
The hearts of the crowd were extremely excited. They would never have imagined that they would witness the scene of the blood rose toasting with their own eyes. For a while, they were extremely excited and excited.
And Lin Guangyao, also excited about himself, blushed:
“Okay! Please come in, eldest sister!”
Lin Guangyao was handsome, and it attracted Wen Qian, Bai Yi and others to look sideways.
At this moment, everyone’s eyes were focused on the doorway.
And under their gaze!
Da da da!
The sound of footsteps resounded, but a glamorous woman in a fiery red dress slowly appeared in the sight of everyone.
She is the blood rose!
Not only that!
Behind the blood rose, followed by Heihu and a group of big men in suits, threatening and terrifying.
But, just when the blood rose into the box, a circle swept the crowd, eyebrows slightly Yizhou:
“Mr. Lin it?”
As soon as these words came out, Manager Wang, Lin Guangyao and others stayed for a while.
A faint hunch appeared in their hearts.
Manager Wang hurriedly said cautiously:
“Sister, this is Mr. Lin?” After that, Manager Wang couldn’t help pointing to Lin Guangyao who stood up.
And Lin Guangyao hurriedly picked up the wine glass and said respectfully:
“Hello elder sister, I am Lin Guangyao, that is, Mr. Lin you said! It was just a simple effort to save you back then! Elder sister don’t care!”
When I heard this, a cold light flashed in the beautiful eyes of the blood rose.
Especially, after she saw the empty seat beside Bai Yi, she seemed to understand something instantly!
The Blood Rose walked towards Lin Guangyao step by step.
Seeing the blood rose walk in, Bai Yi, Wen Qian and the others became more excited, and their respect for Lin Guangyao almost reached the extreme.
Everyone seemed to have seen it, the blood rose respectfully toasting Lin Guangyao.
And Lin Guangyao was also short of breath, watching the blood rose getting closer, the vanity in his heart was full of extreme.
Just before the blood rose walked in front of him.
Lin Guangyao hurriedly raised his glass, and wanted to say something.
However, his words have not yet been exported!
Snapped! ! !
A loud slap in the face slapped him hard, staggering his whole body and almost falling over.
at the same time!
The cold voice of the blood rose followed:
“What are you! How dare you pretend to be Mr. Lin!!!”

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