Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 8

Who do you think you are!
Dare to impersonate Mr. Lin!
When the cold words of the blood rose resounded in the box, everyone was struck by lightning, completely stunned.
Impersonate… impersonate?
Isn’t the savior of Blood Rose not Lin Guangyao?
For a moment, Wen Qian, Bai Yi and others only felt a cool air rushing to their foreheads along the soles of their feet.
“No! Big Sister Blood Rose, I…My name is Lin! I’m also the lifesaver you said, I didn’t pretend, I didn’t…” Lin Guangyao’s face was as gray as death, he covered his face, full of thick Panic.
His gaze turned towards Manager Wang involuntarily.
Before, Manager Wang said that he was the savior of Blood Rose.
And this look immediately made Manager Wang’s scalp numb.
He actually admitted the wrong person and regarded a counterfeit as the elder sister’s savior.
Thinking of this, Manager Wang’s face was as pale as paper, his legs softened, and he knelt in front of Blood Rose:
“Big…big sister, the little one admitted wrong! It’s a small mistake! I am guilty, I didn’t recognize it. It’s Mr. Lin, I’m damn it!”
Manager Wang said in horror, raising his palm, and slapped his cheek constantly!
Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!
This slap is extremely loud.
The voice fell in the ears of everyone in Lin Guangyao, more like a fan on their faces, making them hot and painful, ashamed and embarrassed.
It’s more than that!
Blood Rose’s gaze swept across the crowd violently, until it fell on Bai Yi’s pretty face, before he paused slightly:
“Huh! If it weren’t for Mr. Lin today, you fake, and all of you, don’t want to stand and walk out of the golden age!”
The Blood Rose turned and left, and only the cold voice remained in the box:
“Manager Wang, as much as they drink, let them spit out how much money!”
“Otherwise, only you are asking!”
When the words fell, Blood Rose walked straight out of the box with a group of big men in suits.
Only then did the manager Wang stop slapping himself.
There are bright red palm prints on his face, and blood stains have even flowed from the corners of his mouth.
The whole person seemed to walk through the ghost door in a circle, and he breathed a long sigh of relief.
“Wang…Manager Wang, I…”
Lin Guangyao wanted to say something right now!
It’s just that his words just uttered!
Snapped! ! !
Manager Wang slapped him severely on the face.
Immediately knocked Lin Guangyao to the ground, staring at Venus.
“Ma’s! It’s all you fakes, you almost killed Lao Tzu!”
“Come here, give me a fight!!!”
Manager Wang was anxious, his face full of viciousness and malice.
Hearing this, a group of waiters suddenly rushed up frantically, punching and kicking Lin Guangyao.
The screams screamed constantly in the box, causing Wen Qian and others to look pale as paper.
More than ten minutes.
Lin Guangyao’s whole body was completely beaten into a pig’s head, his face was bruised and his skin was ripped apart.
Until then!
Manager Wang waved his hand and all the waiters stopped beating.
“Lin, you have heard what the eldest sister said too! You pretended to be Mr. Lin and ruined her private collection of rare brews, pay the bill!”
Hear this!
Lin Guangyao dared to refute, nodded like garlic, and quickly replied:
“Okay! Wang…Manager Wang, I will pay the bill! I will pay all!”
After speaking, he cautiously asked:
“About…how much?”
Lin Guangyao was ready for hemorrhage. After all, for him now, where money is life is important. If he doesn’t pay the bill, he may not be able to leave the Shengshi Club alive.
“These wines are all delivered by air from various countries! All together, seven million!” “In addition, you ordered a menu! It is worth three million!” At this point, Manager Wang stared at Lin Guangyao. , Said:
“A total of ten million!!!”
As soon as these words came out, not only Lin Guangyao was stunned, but everyone else was struck by lightning.
One, ten million?
My God, this is simply astronomical, a huge sum of money that ordinary people can’t make in a few lifetimes!
And now…
“Wang…Manager Wang, I don’t have that much money! I only have three million deposits, and I will give you all. Please let me go! Let me go!” Lin Guangyao’s face was ashamed.
The manager of his department only costs tens of thousands of dollars a month!
These three million are all the wealth he has accumulated for several years!
Ten million?
Even if you kill him, you can’t get it out.
As if thinking of something, Lin Guangyao quickly turned around and said to Wen Qian and others:
“You are drinking too, you are also eating food! You have to pay!”
“Quick! Take out all your money, otherwise none of us can survive!”
This sentence immediately made Wen Qian and others, one The face looked like a dead mother, so hard to see the extreme.
Especially after feeling that Manager Wang’s unkind look in his eyes, everyone had a tingling scalp, and they hurriedly paid out.
“I have 50,000…”
“I have 40,000!”
“I…only 20,000!” At this moment, Wen Qian and others took out all the bank cards and cash on their bodies one by one.
But even so, it was only a drop in the bucket, and it was worth 500,000.
“What a group of poor ghosts!”
Manager Wang’s eyes shone with a fierce luster, like a tiger who wants to choose someone and eat it , with a strong cruel meaning: “Since you can’t take it out, so good! Everyone, Interrupt their hands and feet! Throw them out of the clubhouse! ”
This sentence, like a bolt from the blue sky, made Wen Qian and everyone else feel dead.
Especially, when they saw that the waiters were walking towards them fiercely, they puffed and puffed, and they all sat on the ground in fright, with their ass streaming!
That’s it!
Lin Guangyao, Wen Qian, and others, their faces were ashen ashes, with deep despair!
And just when the waiters were about to start!
“Stop it!!!” A scolding suddenly resounded.
Manager Wang was taken aback, then turned to look at the person who heard the sound, only to find that the person who stopped the exit was Bai Yi!
“Bai Yi, you…” Wen Qian and the others, their scalp numb, their faces full of panic and despair.
And see this scene!
Bai Yi’s jade hand couldn’t help but squeezed, and then handed a card over:
“Manager Wang, you try this card and see if you can pay the bill!”
At this moment, everyone’s eyes were all focused on that card, and Wen Qian and others suddenly recognized it!
This is exactly the skull pattern card that Lin Fan left behind!
However, this is not a bank card, it is more like a game card. How can it be possible to pay?
Wen Qian doesn’t believe it!
Lin Guangyao and others also did not believe it!
“Bai Yi, don’t be stupid! How can you take the game card left by Lin Fan this waste?” “Yes! Bai Yi, don’t kill us! Your husband is just a waste who eats soft food! What he said, It’s just a lie!”
Wen Qian and others kept persuading.
However, Manager Wang ignored it.
He glared at Bai Yi unkindly, then took the card, and then gently swept it away at the card reader dedicated to the Shengshi Club.
This scene made Bai Yi’s jade hand grip a little tighter.
Pieces of sweat appeared from her forehead.
She also has no hope for Lin Fan!
But for some reason, the look in her eyes before the blood rose left gave her an inexplicable meaning.
“Lin Fan, you… is your card really okay?”
Bai Yi’s heart mentioned his throat!
And at this moment!
An electronic notification sound came from the card reader dedicated to the Shengshi Club:
“Di! Di! Di! Warning! Warning! Scanned the Skeleton Emperor Card!”
“Universal Group BOSS Exclusive Card! Under the Universal Group, all purchases are free. Single! Supreme imperial treatment!”

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