Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 710

“Some time ago, Blood Wolf, the disciple of the Blood Buddha, suffered heavy losses in Jiangshi. Is this a sign of the birth of the Great Master Demon?”
“Whether the Great Master Blood Buddha is born, this station will continue to follow up and report!”
What !
After seeing this news.
Not only was Lin Fan stunned, even the Bai Yi next to him turned pale.
“Isn’t the blood wolf the killer who assassinated Zhang Yichen? His master turned out to be the Grand Master!”
“This time it broke, I’m afraid it is the mysterious Grand Master Lin in Jiang City who is in trouble!”
Bai Yi’s On the pretty face, a deep worry emerged.
It’s just that Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“My wife, don’t worry, maybe the Great Master Lin doesn’t put this person in his eyes at all!” Lobu Lake, this is known as the most mysterious lake in China!
Located in the northwest of China, it is known as the Ear of China.
Especially in recent years, Robe Lake’s name has become more and more famous, and one of the most important reasons is that there is a terrifying demon living here!
Bloody Buddha!
This is the name of Megatron China for several years, representing blood and death.
Especially, when the Blood Buddha killed the four great masters in World War I and eliminated the terrifying force that occupies the northwest, it has disappeared since then.
But there were many forces who wanted to hunt down the Blood Buddha and avenge the former force.
Without exception, the entire army was wiped out here.
This also makes Robe Lake the name Lake of Death!
Just today.
In this area, there are four more uninvited guests!
These were four evil men, each of them was dripping with blood, with a handful of shimmering spikes on their waists.
If you are seen by people in the Northwest, you will be shocked.
Because these four people are the invincible four wolves in the northwestern desert in the past year!
The four wolves of the Northwest!
The name of the terrible thugs.
Each of them has reached the realm of a powerful grandmaster. If they are ordinary people, they must find a big power to live in peace. However, these four people are extremely cruel, and have long been used to the blood licking of the knife. people.
They burned, killed and looted their children in the northwest, doing nothing wrong!
Today, these four people came to the area of ​​Robe Lake.
“Hahaha… this battle is really fun, what bullshit blood tiger alliance, is not under the four of our brothers, have been killed!”
“This time we robbed countless treasures in total, maybe we can cultivate for a while. !”
The faces of the four of them were full of cruel smiles.
For them, ordinary forces are just lambs they slaughtered, prey waiting to be eaten, nothing more.
However, when the wolf among them, after scanning the surrounding area, his brows were slightly frowned:
“Three brothers, everyone must be careful. This is like Lobu Lake, which is said to be the hiding place of the Blood Buddha. !

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