Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 711

Bloody Buddha!
When they heard this name, the faces of the other three wolves showed a deep disdain.
“Big brother, don’t worry about it! That bloody Buddha has disappeared for five years, I am afraid it will die long ago!”
“Yes! Big brother, now in the northwest, but the world of our four wolves, what shit bloody Buddha, If he appears in front of us, kill him in minutes!”
“The two brothers are right! According to rumours, the bloody Buddha was already full of white hair five years ago. Now five years have passed, he is afraid it will be too early. It’s turned into a pile of withered bones!” The other three wolves didn’t care about the name of Bloody Buddha.
After all, now in the Northwest, almost all the forces and powerful people heard the names of the four of them, and they were so scared. This also made the four of them arrogant and invincible.
Hearing the words of the three brothers, the wolf nodded.
That’s right!
A person who has disappeared for five years, even if he is alive, is afraid that his combat power would have been exhausted long ago, but there is nothing terrible!
At the moment, a group of four people continue to set out to the front.
They are preparing to cross Lake Robe and then from the northwest of China, expanding their prestige and fame.
However, just after the four of them approached Robe Lake, the figure in front of them gave them a glimpse.
“Huh? Brother, there is an old man fishing in front of you!”
This sentence made the other three people startled slightly.
After all, this Robe Lake is extremely dangerous, fishing here is absolutely incredible.
The other three hurriedly turned their eyes to look ahead, and suddenly saw the shore of Robe Lake not far in front.
There is an old man wearing a hat sitting alone by the lake with a fishing rod in his hand.
Fishing quietly!
Especially what shocked the Northwest Four Wolves!
With the palm of the old man’s hand, a very fat fish was thrown onto the shore along the fishing line.
“Huh? What a unique fishing technique?”
This scene made the four northwest wolves stunned.
Especially, when they saw that the big fish that the old man caught was actually a precious Lobu Lake fish, the four of them immediately moved.
“Brother, it is said that this kind of fish tastes extremely delicious, especially after grilling, it can be sold in the mainland for 10,000 catties, and there is still no market!”
“Yes, brother, I have also heard of it, Someone has eaten this kind of fish, and they can’t praise it!”
“Brother, I am a little hungry now, so I might as well…” The other three wolves swallowed fiercely at this moment, full of greed.
The four people burned, killed, and looted for a day, and have not eaten until now, and after seeing this delicious big fish, it was naturally intolerable.

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