Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 712

Heard this.
The wolf nodded, in fact, he was already hungry.
“Let’s go! Let’s go forward and buy this fish!”
“Also, this place is extremely dangerous, and this old man is fishing here alone. This is very strange, so the three of you must remember not to be reckless, otherwise you will avoid life Right or wrong!”
The wolf said to the other three people with a solemn expression at this moment.
His sense of crisis is extremely strong. Although the old man in front seems to be 80 years old, he is still unwilling to provoke him.
After all, in this deserted land, a fishing man appeared out of nowhere, and it made people shudder to think about it.
When the other three heard this, although they were disdainful, they nodded.
A group of four people soon came to the lake.
The wolf held a fist to the old man, and said:
” Old sir , we are passing by here, a little hungry! I don’t know, can you sell this fish to us?”
The wolf said very politely.
However, after his words fell!
One minute!
five minutes!
…The old man didn’t seem to hear it at all, and he didn’t seem to notice the arrival of the four, he didn’t turn his head, let alone reply!
This… the four northwest wolves were taken aback.
A trace of anger emerged in the hearts of the four.
However, the wolf still endured his anger and asked with his fists again:
“Sir, we are really hungry. Can you sell this fish to us? The price is not a problem! You old man, you can mention it at will!”
The wolf’s voice became more respectful.
It just makes them incredible.
Even if it was his voice, it was already very loud and contained internal strength, the old man in front of him did not answer.
Like a deaf, he doesn’t care.
“Damn! Brother, I think this old thing is a deaf man. If you want me to say, we just grabbed it!”
“For so many years, our four wolves in the northwest have eaten, when have we been so low-pitched?” The two wolves were full of faces at the moment. Said ferociously.
Not only him!
The other two people beside him also echoed:
“Second brother is right! I see the old thing is a deaf man, talk nonsense with him!”
“Big brother, grab it! The big deal is to leave him before we leave. Just some money!” The other two also persuaded.
And heard the words of the three.
The wolf couldn’t help but nodded. After all, it was too difficult to find food in this desert.
And the old man in front of him is so old, even if he is robbed, he should be fine.
Thought of this!
The wolf wanted to wave his hand right now, but at this moment.
They were surprised to find that the old man waved his palm again, and the fishing line flashed out from the lake.
It was another big plump fish worth twenty or thirty catties, and it was thrown out of the lake.
Another one!
This scene made the other three wolves both envious and greedy.
But when the three of them were about to start a snatch, the eyes of the wolf suddenly spotted the fishing line thrown out.
“No! Don’t!”
“There is no hook on that fishing line! What…what’s going on?

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