Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 715

“Cut! This is really a place where birds don’t shit!”
Zhang Lei wrinkled his brows as he walked off the helicopter, then he covered his nose and said with contempt.
It’s more than that!
When Zhang Lei’s eyes saw the four corpses on the ground, the disgust on his brows became more intense:
“There are still corpses! What a disappointment!”
Zhang Lei looked like a second generation ancestor.
Just hearing this, the Uncle Li behind him said with a horrified face:
“Master, these four corpses seem to be the four northwest wolves!”
When he said this, not only Zhang Lei was shocked, but even the ten bodyguards trembled.
The four wolves in the northwest, this is a brutal bandit on the Megatron side.
In particular, they heard that these four murderers had just committed a terrifying crime in the Northwest.
And now, how could he die here.
“Uncle Li, are you… are you sure?” Zhang Lei’s face was pale, and cold sweat dripped from his forehead.
And hear this!
The uncle Li next to him nodded solemnly:
“Master, absolutely right! At the beginning, we even considered inviting the four wolves in the Northwest to deal with the one named Lin!”
“These four people are definitely Northwest. The four wolves are undoubtedly! And seeing their wounds, they should have been killed by one blow!”
When Uncle Li’s words fell, Zhang Lei trembled, and the disdain on his face turned into solemnity and panic.
Especially, when he looked at the figure of the old fishing man, his scalp tingled even more.
“I didn’t expect that after five years, the Bloody Buddha would still be so cruel and terrifying!”
Zhang Lei couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and now he took a group of people respectfully and walked slowly in the direction of the old angler.
It wasn’t until they came not far from the old man that they all bowed.
“Mr. Bloody Buddha, I am Zhang Lei from the Zhang family! This time, I am going to invite you old man to come out!”
Out of the mountain!
In Zhang Lei’s voice, although there was a faint horror, it contained a strong confidence.
It seemed that he was very confident and let the old man out of the mountain.
“Zhang Family?” After hearing the truth, the old man’s body paused slightly, and then the vicissitudes of life came straight out:
“This family, I know, but it’s not qualified to ask me!”
As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of Zhang Lei and others changed slightly.

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