Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 716

However, even if everyone was faintly angry, no one dared to attack.
“Old sir, I know that your old status is respected. Our Zhang family is not qualified to invite you out! But don’t you want to know the situation of your disciple Blood Wolf?”
Zhang Lei’s eyes stared straight. The old man’s back, said confidently.
Blood wolf!
These two words made the old man’s body stiff slightly.
It seemed that there was a faint wave in his heart.
“Blood wolf that little guy? Forget it! From the day I let him go, it was the moment when our masters and apprentices died!”
“The future life and death will all depend on him!” The old man shook his head. , And then continued fishing, as if there was nothing more to attract his attention.
And after seeing this scene!
Whether it was Zhang Lei or Li Shu and others, they all looked ugly.
They didn’t expect that the Blood Buddha was so indifferent by nature, and they didn’t even care about the life or death of their apprentice.
As if I had seen everything in the world a long time ago.
See this scene!
Zhang Lei had no other way, and he wanted to get money right now, so he asked the bloody Buddha.
It’s just that his words haven’t been spoken yet, and Uncle Li next to him quickly stops him.
Then, Uncle Li glanced at the back of the Blood Buddha, and then said respectfully:
“Old Mr. Blood Buddha, we know you have seen through the ups and downs of the world! But I still want to talk to you!”
“Your disciple Blood Wolf has long become one of the top ten killers in East Asia!”
“It’s just that, during a Jiangshi mission some time ago, the cultivation base was abolished by a great master with three moves!”
Uncle Li’s words clearly stirred the old man’s emotions a little.
“Three moves? Are you sure?” There was a deep and solemn color in the voice of Blood Buddha.
As if in his eyes, it is hard to imagine that three ways to abolish his own disciple.
Seeing the look of Blood Buddha, finally changed.
Li Shu, Zhang Lei and others were ecstatic.
Zhang Lei hurriedly struck the iron while it was hot, and only needed to say:
“It’s true! Old Mr. Bloody Buddha, the great master not only abolished the blood wolf, but also released a madman saying that you are under his hands and can’t support a move!”
As soon as these words came out, Xuefutu’s body trembled more violently.
Obviously, Zhang Lei added fuel and vinegar, sow discord, and it worked.
This is more than that.
Zhang Lei continued:
“Besides, Mr. Xuefutu, the great master surnamed Lin, when he defeated your disciple, he smashed his mysterious tortoise shell with one blow and crushed his Cold-blooded spear!”
Until this sentence falls!
The Blood Buddha finally calmed down, and he suddenly sat up from the ground.
Turned his head.

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