Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 727

Bai Yi ignored the ugly expressions of everyone around him, pulled Lin Fan, and walked towards the corner of the box.
Obviously, she didn’t even think of talking to everyone.
See this scene.
In Leng Bufan’s eyes, there was not the slightest unhappiness, but as if seeing a plump prey, he became more excited and evil.
“Zhou Nan, your old classmate is not only intellectual and beautiful, but also cold-tempered! I like it! Hahaha…”
“She, I’m going to make a deal !” Leng Bufan licked the corner of his mouth and faced Zhou Nan next to him. Said.
No taboo!
No convergence!
Even with his girlfriend Zhou Nan by his side, he did not shy away from his love for Bai Yi.
And this sentence made Zhou Nan’s face pale.
But obviously Zhou Nan had self-knowledge, everything she had was given by Leng Bufan, so she could only agree to all Leng Bufan’s requests.
“My dear, don’t worry! I must find a way to help you get that hooves!” Zhou Nan said with a smile, holding Leng Bufan’s arm.
Hearing this answer, Leng Bufan was obviously extremely satisfied.
His big hand patted Zhou Nan’s buttocks fiercely, and then he smiled evilly:
“Hey! I’m going to fuck this woman tonight! Let her be with you, and the three of us will come together!”
“From now on, let you two be real sisters! Hahaha…”
Thinking of Bai Yi’s glamorous face and the scene where he was pressed under his crotch, Leng Bufan only felt hot in his heart.
And just when the two were talking!
The door of the box was opened again.
Then everyone saw that Bai Yifan, Lin Guangyao, and Shen Jian walked in with their female companions.
It’s just that their faces are very ugly, as if eating shit, revealing a kind of resentment and depression.
This scene stunned everyone.
“Hey! Young Master Bai, Young Master Shen! What’s wrong with you? Has anyone offended you?”
After seeing the three of them, many guests around could not help but say hello.
Just waited for Bai Yifan and others to reply.
I heard the guest coming in behind and said grinning:
“Hahaha… to tell you a funny news! Just now when the three of Bai Shao and Shen Shao came in, the hotel owner Zhou Wanshan actually admitted to the three of them. Fee!”
“Everyone, I paid 200,000!”
“Yes! I saw with my own eyes that Zhou Wanshan stopped Bai Shao and the others! In the end, the three of Bai Shao had no choice but to get the cash and send it over! Hahaha…”
As soon as this was said, there was an uproar in the entire box.
Only then did they understand why the three of them looked so ugly.
And everyone is even more curious, why the hotel owner Zhou Wanshan would charge the entrance fee to these three.

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