Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 732

See this scene.
Bai Yi was completely confused.
She faintly felt that something was wrong, as if all this was Zhou Nan deliberately framed herself, but no matter how she wanted to explain, everyone around didn’t listen.
A deep anxiety emerged in Bai Yi’s heart.
A trace of water mist filled her beautiful eyes, making her look weaker and helpless.
But this does not stop.
Da da da!
Cold extraordinary menacing stepping from, the face of fierce Nu Sheng shouted:
“! Come”
with His words.
Everyone suddenly saw that the door of the box room was suddenly pushed open from outside, and then six majestic men in black rushed in as if a tiger came out of the cage.
The momentum of these six people is cold and fierce.
It seems that six hungry wolves just rushed in, and the terrifying aura caused the temperature of the entire box to drop several degrees.
They rushed and staggered the surrounding guests, before blinking in front of Leng Bufan.
After seeing these six people.
The surrounding guests all changed their expressions:
“Huh? These people are so familiar, where I seem to have met! Yes, they are the Lingnan six evil spirits!”
“It’s the Lingnan six evil spirits? Oh my God, those six fierce ones! People? He… why are they here!”
“Yes, these six people were the mad brothers who ruled the Jiangnan underground world ten years ago! Aren’t they missing?”
Lingnan six evil spirits!
People who are almost familiar with the underground world of Jiangnan Province know this name.
These are the six murderers who ruled Jiangnan ten years ago.
They are brothers of the same kind, with unmatched fighting strength. They started in an orphanage, fighting and killing, and stepped into the underground world.
But in the underworld’s killing grind, their six brothers showed terrifying and extraordinary talents. Starting from sweeping a street, they gradually dominated a city, and then, sweeping the south of the Yangtze River, setting off a bloody storm.
Even ten years ago, as long as you heard the name of’Lingnan Six Vicious’, children could stop crying at night.
But now!
Hula la…
After recognizing the identities of the six men in black, the surrounding young talents changed their complexions one after another and violently retreated to the side, obviously for fear of being hurt by the fish.
And Leng Bufan smiled slightly:
“Maybe you don’t know it! Ten years ago, the six evil spirits of Lingnan worshipped my grandfather Leng Aotian!”
Leng Aotian!
When they heard this word, everyone shivered again.
Because Leng Aotian is one of the two old hidden masters in Jiangnan Province.
It’s just that no one knows.
Leng Bufan turned out to be the grandson of Great Master Leng Aotian!
At this moment, everyone in the entire box was frightened.

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