Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 733

Those young talents in Jiangshi looked at Leng Bufan at this moment, as if they were looking at a proud man of heaven. They greeted the voices of flattery, and heard:
“Oh my God! Leng Shao, we only now know that you are not only the president of Shengshi Kang’s son cold, cold or even the grandson of Grandmaster! …… really scared me! ” ”
the grandson of the great master ah! No wonder, even a year Megatron southern Lingnan six fierce, as a bodyguard! ” ”
Heaven What! If this incident spreads out, Young Leng’s identity will definitely shake Jiangnan! After all, there is the blessing of Shengshi and Great Master Leng’s identity! Who dares to provoke?”
Whether it was Bai Yifan, Shen Jian, etc., or those other Jiangshi heroes, looking at Leng Bufan, they became more and more in awe.
Not only them!
After Bai Yi heard the news, his whole body was also struck by lightning, and his face was as pale as paper.
It’s over…
She originally thought that Zhou Nan was only a young man from the Shengshi Group, but she couldn’t imagine that this young man had another terrifying identity.
The cold sweat from Bai Yi kept flowing down her forehead, and she almost burst into tears.
Just praise for everyone around.
Leng Bufan was accustomed to it. There was no emotional fluctuation on his face. Instead, his gaze at Bai Yi became more and more heated.
“Master! Please command!” Lingnan six evil spirits all bowed to Leng Bufan.
And see this scene!
Leng Bufan laughs unusually evil:
“Go over now and search me for this woman’s body! I believe that the ruby ​​and diamond ring must be on her body! Remember, don’t let go of any place on this woman!”
This sentence made Bai Yi and everyone around him look like a big change.
You know, Bai Yi is a woman, and is known as the president of Jiang City’s first beauty.
If she is searched, doesn’t it mean that her innocence is ruined.
Not to mention whether you can find a ruby ​​and diamond ring, even if you can’t find it, Bai Yi will not be able to raise his head in the future.
Thinking of this, on Bai Yi’s pretty face, a thick look of despair appeared:
“I didn’t… I didn’t steal it!”
“You wronged me, you are wronging me!!!”
Bai Yi’s defense voice, That kind of helplessness.
The six evil spirits of Lingnan didn’t have the slightest intention of pitying and cherishing jade. After listening to Leng Bufan’s instructions, they huffed and wanted to rush towards Bai Yi.
But at this moment.
“Stop it!!!” A cold voice suddenly sounded.
The Lingnan Six Fiends only felt a sudden cold on their back. The feeling was as if they were being stared at by a fierce beast, and the pace of their advancement gave them a fierce stop.
Huh huh!
He turned his eyes together, looking towards the place where the sound came from.
Everyone was surprised to find that the person who stopped talking turned out to be…Lin Fan.

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