Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 75

Sleep in bed?
Lin Fan was taken aback. It was the first time in three years that Bai Yi put herself in bed.
“Okay!” At the moment, Lin Fan nodded and went to bed.
A faint virgin fragrance spread from Bai Yi’s body, immediately making Lin Fan’s heart hot.
“Wife, we…” Lin Fan smiled and just wanted to say something.
Bai Yi suddenly stared, and scolded softly:
“Lin Fan, I was afraid that you would catch a cold, so I let you go to bed, don’t be foolish!”
“Uh…well!” Lin Fan had no choice but to get into the bed at the moment. , And then began to rest.
The moonlight outside the window faintly spilled into the room.
But Bai Yi’s heart was beating wildly, making her toss and turn, and it was difficult to sleep.
And when she heard that, Lin Fan’s breathing calmed down, as if he had fallen asleep.
She couldn’t help but turned her side, and turned to look at Lin Fan’s sleeping face.
“Although I don’t know, do you have anything to do with that Mr. Lin?”
“But you are my husband!”
“All my life!”
A trace of tenderness appeared in Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes, and she gently probed the probe , And then gave a deep kiss on Lin Fan’s forehead.
But she didn’t see it.
The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth showed a happy and sweet arc.
… the next morning.
A family of four got up early.
Shen Yumei had prepared breakfast in advance and served the family meal.
And just after they started the meal.
On television, suddenly a news broadcast:
. “River City First People’s Hospital, news came yesterday, Chinese and Western medicine contest, president of People’s Hospital Gao Zhiyuan, lost to Western medicine expert Mike” ,
“dating back so far, Western medicine expert Mike I traveled to 12 cities in China, challenged 12 TCM experts, and all won! ”
Hearing this news, Bai Shan and others’ complexions changed.
The old man is naturally the distinguished guest of the Bai family.
Before that, he recognized Lin Fan’s resurrection pills.
Gao Lao is definitely the first person in Jiang City’s TCM circle.
Just unexpectedly, even he lost to Western medicine.
This is more than that.
As soon as the picture on TV changed, a foreign doctor appeared.
He is wearing a white coat and a pair of gold glasses, but the arrogance and disdain on his face are extremely rich.
He looked at the camera and said arrogantly in bad Chinese:
“This is the twelfth Chinese medicine expert I have defeated. In the eyes of us Westerners, Chinese medicine is just shit, rubbish and not worth mentioning!”
“Chinese medicine,” It has become a thing of the past. Mike once again announced that I will become a nightmare for Chinese medicine!”
Arrogant and domineering!
After hearing this, not only the reporters on TV, they were in an uproar.
Even the Baiyi family before the TV was blown up.
Bai Yi smashed the chopsticks in his hand on the table, her pretty face flushed with anger: “Deceptively! This foreign doctor dares to humiliate our Chinese medicine doctor!”
“Yeah, it’s too low quality! You know, the resurrection pill to cure AS pneumonia is Chinese medicine! What qualifications does he have to despise Chinese medicine!” Baishan was also too angry to eat.
And see this scene.
Lin Fan also frowned, and had to say that this western doctor named Mike was really uncomfortable.
He looked at Bai Yi and asked:
“Wife, do you really want to teach this foreigner?”
“Of course! He is not qualified to despise our Chinese medicine doctor. I really hope someone will come forward and give him an unforgettable lesson!” Bai Yi exhaled. , In the beautiful eyes, there is anger.
And heard this.
Lin Fan nodded and looked at the microphone on the TV, which was a bit more playful.
Ding Ding Ding!
At this moment, Baishan’s telephone rang.
When he picked it up, his expression changed greatly:
“What! Old lady… critically ill?”

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