Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 76

The First People’s Hospital of Jiang City.
At the moment, the corridors of the VIP senior ward are overcrowded.
Almost all the Bai family seniors.
Among them, the uncle Baishan and Bai Yifan father and son also came, looking at the door one by one with anxious faces.
Grandpa Bai!
This is definitely the backbone of the Bai family, if one dies from illness, it will definitely be a devastating blow to the Bai family.
“Oh…This time I’m really fortunate uncle. If it wasn’t for the uncle who found out and was sent to the hospital in time, I’m afraid that the old man would really lose his life this time!”
“Yeah, Master Yifan is amazing, so he invited that one. Mike, a TCM expert who has won twelve games in a row, with him, the old man is absolutely safe!”
“It’s a pity that the old man was defeated by Mike, and he was wisely destroyed!”
Many Bai family members, There was a lot of discussion.
This time, it was Uncle Bai Hai who first discovered the old lady.
It was Bai Yifan again, and invited the western doctor Mike who had just defeated the old man.
Suddenly, in the hearts of all the Bai family members, the images of Bai Hai and his son rose instantly.
Even if they were expelled from the Bai family, they were still praised by everyone.
Not only that.
“Well! All in all, this time the old man disease, it must be white to an Iraqi anger! Especially that Lin Fan, is simply a beast!”
“Yes, that is an Er Ye Lin Fan victims was arrested, was an uncle Chasing! The old lady is angrily attacking his heart, otherwise, how could he get sick!”
All the Bai family members, even if they don’t even know what the old lady is, they already threw this black pot on Lin Fan’s head.
Da da da!
At this moment, a series of rapid footsteps came.
The Baishan family walked over quickly.
“Big Brother, how is Dad now?” Bai Shan asked with an anxious expression to Bai Hai in the crowd.
After seeing the Baishan family, especially Lin Fan, his uncle Baihai suddenly split his eyesight:
“Huh! Third, do you still have a face? Dad is almost dead this time, all your good sons-in-law are angry. ! ” ”
let him roll! we do not need the white house this supercilious look wolf! ”
white Mountain took the lead in targeting the Lin Fan.
And this word came out.
All the high-level people around, the anger in their hearts burst out.
There was a lot of noise, almost all of them cursed Lin Fan.
See this scene.
The complexion of Bai Yi’s family was instantly hard to see the extreme.
Especially Bai Yi.
She couldn’t think of how her own people would be so indiscriminate and wronged Lin Fan.
And just when Bai Yi was about to help Lin Fan refute.
The door of the senior ward opened instantly.
All the Bai family members rushed to the ward without cursing Lin Fan.
As soon as I walked into the ward, I could see several doctors in white coats.
One of them is a tall old man. In just a few days, his whole person seems to be several years old, and his hair is gray.
And beside him, standing a proud foreigner was the western doctor Mike I saw on TV.
“Old man, what kind of illness is my dad?” Uncle Bai Hai asked first to Mr. Gao.
And this sentence made Gao’s expression darker.
He shook his head and said with a wry smile:
“Sorry, I…I didn’t diagnose it! I found that all the limbs and brain of the old man were red and swollen, like a kind of disease. But I can’t be sure…”
Many Bai family members were taken aback, their hearts gradually sank.
And seeing this scene, the western doctor Mike next to him sneered in an instant:
“Hahaha…I have said that Chinese medicine is just a bunch of shit!”
“Hmph, let me tell you! Mr. Bai The illness he was suffering from was an ordinary cerebral infarction, plus varicose veins in the limbs. It only requires one operation and I promise to heal immediately!”
Hearing the confident words of Western Doctor Mike, all the Bai family members breathed a sigh of relief.
After all, Mike just defeated the old man.
In their eyes, Mike’s medical skills must be much better than Gao, and what he said is more convincing.
After saying this, Western Medicine Mike said to everyone:
“You help the old man sideways, I want to check his back!”
Many senior Bai family did not dare to neglect, and immediately stepped forward, wanting Help the old lady stand up.
But at this moment.
A voice rang:
“You can’t turn sideways! Otherwise, he will die!”

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