Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 762

Lin Fan’s words shocked Bai Shan and Bai Yi even more.
The two hurriedly looked at the emergency doctor, and after finding that the other party was also pale and nodded, Bai Shan and Bai Yi almost fainted.
“What to do? What to do now?” The father and daughter were completely panicked at this moment.
And Lin Fan said to the emergency doctor:
“Senior senior should have taught you the five-finger pulse pressure method in Chinese medicine?”
Five-finger pulse pressure?
Emergency physicians slightly surprised a moment, then nodded his head:
“taught fingers tourniquet is a way to stop bleeding, blood can ease the momentum, so that the flexibility of the vessel wall occurs 30 seconds!!” “But this way, some tasteless, it is difficult to send It’s useful! This gentleman, what are you asking for?” The emergency doctor was curious.
Five fingers pressure pulse, this is the unique technique of Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital.
It was the first-aid relief technique that the psychiatrist Lin gave to the senior, and senior senior taught all doctors.
Outsiders don’t even know.
And how did this young man know?
“You help me use five fingers to compress the pulse, soothe the walls of my mother-in-law’s aorta and give me 30 seconds!”
Lin Fan said directly without explaining.
Just hearing this, the face of the emergency doctor suddenly showed a ghostly look:
“Mr., are you crazy?”
“Are you going to take bones for the wounded within 30 seconds? ”
The emergency doctor could hardly believe his ears, his eyes looked at Lin Fan as if he were looking at a madman.
“Yes!” Lin Fan nodded.
He can only do this, otherwise, after three minutes, the aorta ruptures, even for him, it will be very difficult.
And seeing Lin Fan confessed, the emergency doctor exclaimed:
“30 seconds? No…impossible!”
“The wounded’s broken bone spikes are more than ten! Even if the old man is here, It’s impossible to pick it up in ten minutes!”
Wow…As soon as this word came out, everyone around was even more shocked.
Gao Lao was known as the first TCM doctor in Jiang City before Lin Shenyi.
He has profound knowledge in Chinese medicine.
Even his old man takes as much as ten minutes, but now this young man said that it only takes 30 seconds?
Isn’t this a joke?
The faces of everyone around him were filled with a deep disbelief.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t have time to care about everyone’s shock, his eyes flashed with a hint of chill:
“Follow it!!!” The words faintly, but fell in the ears of the emergency doctor, suddenly like thunder and roar.
Even the mentality of emergency doctors was temporarily blurred.
As if he was hypnotized, he squatted down and, as Lin Fan said, his five fingers stretched out and pressed against Shen Yumei’s main artery.

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