Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 78

This slap in the ear was extremely loud, and instantly stunned everyone in the entire ward.
Everyone could hardly believe their eyes.
The old lady not only had a cardiac arrest.
And now, Lin Fan was even more…slapped?
After reacting, the whole ward was instantly fried.
Uncle Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and the others, almost burst their lungs, and screamed at Lin Fan with splitting eyes:
“Asshole! Lin Fan, what are you doing, you…you dare to beat the old man, Mar, I Fight with you!”
“Crazy man, why did you beat the old man, he has stopped his heart now, get out of the way!”
“…” The noisy yelling sound resounded in the ward.
The crowd rushed forward and pushed Lin Fan away from the old man’s sickbed, all hands and feet, trying to investigate the old man’s condition.
And the Bai Yi family were all dumbfounded.
They obviously didn’t expect that Lin Fan would beat the old man, especially when the old man had a cardiac arrest.
“Lin Fan, you… how can you do such a thing! Do you know that grandpa is no longer able to do something with his old man?” Bai Yi was flushed with anger and looked at Lin Fan’s eyes are full of disappointment.
Baishan and Shen Yumei also looked gloomy.
Especially when they saw that Bai Hai and others were trying to eat people, they quickly pushed Lin Fan out of the door:
“Lin Fan, you go to the car and wait for us! Don’t be here!” The Bai Yi family were angry. Angry again.
However, Lin Fan looked calm, without any waves:
“I can heal the old man! Wife, you have to trust me!”
Can you heal?
What a joke!
Hearing this, Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan more like a lunatic, and became more disappointed:
“Lin Fan, I don’t want to say a word to you now!”
After that, Bai Yi stepped forward to check the old man. He didn’t want to look at Lin Fan more.
See this scene.
Lin Fan just shrugged his shoulders faintly. He was forced to slap just now.
After all, after turning sideways, the old lady’s blood had all silted to the brain, and the brain tissue fell into a state of silting death.
And with his palm, his strength was used just right, enough to silt up his brain and break up a small part.
Enough to delay the speed of brain death.
In other words!
Lin Fan’s slap was enough to help the old man earn a week’s life.
Looking at the chaos in the ward, Lin Fan immediately turned around and left.
He knew that sooner or later these people would be asking for themselves.
Only oneself can save the old man.
And at the moment.
In the ward, only Elder Gao noticed Lin Fan’s departure.
His complexion was full of complexity.
Others might not have seen it, but he saw it really, Lin Fan slapped the old man’s Fengchi acupoint with a slap in the face.
The angle is extremely precise.
The strength is just right.
Without damaging the brain tissue, the foot can delay blood stasis in the brain.
“Perhaps, he is really the Bone Saint…”
If you say that the old man is already 50%, and Lin Fan’s identity is confirmed.
Then, under the slap in the face, my heart must have reached 80%.
“The rest depends on whether the old lady can come back to life!”
thought of this.
The eyes of the old man looked at the old lady on the hospital bed.
The line on the electrocardiogram is already a straight line, and the whole person is still in a state of brain death.
And the western doctor Mike, sweating profusely, was helping the old man with heart resuscitation.
One minute!
Another minute.
When time passed, Mike found that the old man’s heart still hadn’t reacted at all, and his face was instantly pale.
At the moment, he wanted to declare the patient dead.
“Everyone, Mr. White, he…”
The words of Western Medicine Mike had just been uttered, and at this moment.
As a clear voice sounded, everyone was shocked to find that the straight line on the electrocardiogram suddenly jumped.

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