Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 77

After everyone’s movements, everyone looked towards where the sound came from, especially after they discovered that the speaker turned out to be Lin Fan, they were all startled.
“Lin Fan, what are you doing? Why can’t you turn sideways?” Uncle Bai Hai’s face sank, and he asked angrily.
Heard this.
Lin Fan frowned and looked at the western doctor Mike’s gaze, and a scorn appeared:
“The old lady is not suffering from a cerebral infarction, nor is it varicose veins, but Qilin Horst disease!”
“This symptom, the patient’s blood will be concentrated in The brain is blocked, and once you turn sideways, you will immediately fall into brain death! ”
Lin Fan’s words stunned everyone.
Especially looking at what he said seriously, everyone even suspected that he was a doctor.
“! Dog feces”
Western medicine Mike suddenly dissatisfied curse up, Lin Fan looked at him contemptuously, as if looking at an idiot:
“What shit齐林霍思德illness, I’ve never heard of, what you count!”
Not only It’s Western Medicine Mike.
The Bai family will not take Lin Fan’s words to heart:
“Cut! Lin Fan, you have it! Are you an idiot in front of Mr. Mike?”
” Yes , come on, let the old man sideways! Don’t listen. This idiot, Qi Linhuo Si De? Really can be a waste!”
“…” At this moment, many Bai family members completely regarded Lin Fan’s words as a joke.
He helped the old man to turn sideways.
And seeing this scene, Gao Lao’s complexion turned pale.
Only he had guessed the identity of Lin Fan.
If Lin Fan is really the Bone Sacred Hand, then his words…
think of this.
Elder Gao couldn’t help turning his eyes to look at Mrs. Bai who was turning sideways, and his heart was instantly pulled.
However, even though the old lady turned sideways at this moment, her complexion remained the same without any change.
Especially the electrocardiogram is still stable and strong, and there is no sign of weakness.
“Ha ha ha …… Lin Fan, hit the face of it, said instant brain death? You see, the old man is not a little thing!”
“Yes ah, really loaded to force, if not a doctor Mike, we almost scare you!”
Grandpa Bai Hai and others looked at Lin Fan, full of deep sarcasm.
Gao Lao couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.
“Could it be that he is not the Bone Saint?”
Old Gao frowned. At this moment, he couldn’t help but start to question Lin Fan’s identity in his heart.
However, his thoughts just came up!
An alarm came, causing the ridicule and sarcasm of the ward door to abruptly cease.
Everyone looked at the electrocardiogram.
In the sight of everyone, the electrocardiogram turned out to be a line…
This scene made everyone feel thunderous.
Cardiac arrest!
Everyone could hardly believe their eyes.
Even the two experts, Gao Lao and Western Medicine Mike, almost fell out of their eyes.
“Old lady!!!”
Uncle Bai Hai, San Ye Bai Shan and others all uttered a scream and rushed towards the hospital bed one by one.
And Western Medicine Mike hurriedly yelled:
“Electric pacemaker! Quick!”
Lin Fan’s complexion darkened:
After saying this, Lin Fan’s figure flashed, and he suddenly passed over the crowd. Before getting to the bed.
Then he raised his palm high, and slapped it against the Fengchi acupoint on the head of the old man!
The slap in the face was very loud, and it made the whole ward silent as death.

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