Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 785

“No, no, no! Grandmaster , please don’t get me wrong!” Bai Zhengxiong’s cold sweat continued to flow, hurriedly waved his hand and explained:
“We are not pleading for that little beast! To be honest, he is not only offended. bit, is also offended our white house! ” ”
this came, is the hope that the two Grandmaster, today after a battle, you can destroy the Niexu, I can be considered for the white house out of a foul smells! ”
remark One out.
Only then did Leng Aotian and Helanshan’s expressions eased.
“So this is! Do not worry, after today, that little beast must pay the price!”
“Yes! He will bear the wrath of the two of us old guys!”
Leng Aotian and Helanshan were too lazy to take a look at the Bai family. Surrounded by a group of bodyguards, they took the lead in the gym and slowly walked away.
Wherever he went, a big-time figure greeted the two great masters warmly.
Full of style and boundless scenery.
And after receiving the promises of the two great masters, the faces of the Bai family also showed a thick color of pleasure.
“Grandpa, it’s great! It seems that Lin Fan is completely finished!”
“Yes! Dad, once Lin Fan is finished, we can start preparing to annex the New Bai Group. Don’t forget, the New Bai Group not only has The Blue Ocean Building, and the huge industry of the Yunhai Cai Guofu brothers! ”
Blue Ocean Building!
The huge industry of the Cai Guofu brothers.
After hearing this alluring word, the old lady trembles with excitement.
They just didn’t find it.
The Bai family’s every move fell in the eyes of Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose and others.
Several top giants in Jiangshi looked at the Bai family one by one, as if they were looking at a group of idiots.
“I don’t know in the future, once the Bai family knows about Mr. Lin, they will be Master Lin. How will they react?”
Xu Tianlong’s mouth was full of sarcasm.
And the blood rose also giggled:
“More than a great master? If they knew that Mr. Lin is our ultimate BOSS, I am afraid that the face of this family will be very exciting!”
Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose looked at each other, and the two of them smiled more brilliantly.
At this moment, as a big man walked into the gymnasium, the old lady turned his head and said to the Baishan father and son:
“Okay! You can wait here, I’m going!”
The ticket for this spectator is only one ticket. Just one person, although the Bai family came a lot, without exception, they could only wait silently outside the gymnasium.
“Grandpa, this time you have to have a good relationship with Grandmaster Lin for everything! I even suspect that the reason why the people from Yunhai City Fei were not far away last time came to escort him. It was Grandmaster Lin who escorted him?”
Bai Yifan told the old lady at this moment.
Hearing this, everyone in the Bai family was taken aback.

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