Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 786

That’s right.
If there is anyone in Jiang City that deserves to be escorted by Fei Lao, Qi Lao, and all the giants in Yunhai City, then there is only one possibility, Da Master Lin.
Old lady Bai nodded in agreement:
“It seems that the last time we met Lin Fan, it was just a coincidence! I’m afraid this little beast doesn’t know. He is just a shield. The person who is really escorted must be It’s Master Lin!”
There was a strong expectation and excitement on the face of Grandpa Bai : “Don’t worry! This time, in any case, I will try my best to get in touch with Grandmaster Lin!” As soon as the words fell, Grandpa Bai immediately contacted the group of Jiangshi The giants slowly walked towards the stadium.
At the gate of that gym.
There is a strong and powerful bodyguard who checks the invitations there.
Only after confirming that the invitation is in person, will it be released.
At this moment, Bai Yifan and Baishan father and son disappeared behind the entrance after seeing the old lady passing the security check.
Only then did the father and son breathe a long sigh of relief, and the excitement on their faces became more intense.
“Dad! I now look forward to the future of our Bai family even more!”
The smile on the corner of Bai Yifan’s mouth almost reached the roots of his ears, and there was a sparkle of excitement and expectation in his eyes:
“Once Lin Fan is caught by the two great masters. Abolished, the new Bai family is swallowed by us, and coupled with the relationship with Grandmaster Lin, then our Bai family will become the most powerful family in Jiang City!”
Hearing this.
The Baishan beside him was flushed with excitement.
However, just when he just wanted to say something.
But he saw a figure.
“Yifan, do you think that person riding an electric bike looks like… Lin Fan?”
Bai Yifan was startled when he said this.
Lin Fan?
What is his little trash son-in-law, doing here?
Especially, the two great masters are his enemies. Didn’t this guy come here to seek death?
Right now, Bai Yifan quickly turned his eyes and looked in the direction of the entrance of the parking lot.
I was surprised to see that an electric car drove slowly into the parking lot of the stadium.
This is more than that.
The scene that shocked Baishan and his son appeared.
I saw that Lin Fan not only came in on an electric bike, but also stopped in a very spacious VIP parking space.
After that, he put his electric car in the VIP parking space seriously, and took out a chain, carefully and carefully locked the electric car.

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