Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 794

Not only Leng Aotian and the others were horrified.
Even in the stands of the surrounding gymnasium, all the Jiangnan gangsters huffed, all of them stood up from their seats.
Their faces were filled with horror.
Blood wolf is the great master?
This is so… how is it possible!
At this moment, almost all of them were dumbfounded, whether it was Leng Aotian or the strong in the gym.
“No…impossible! Before your apprentice, his dantian was abolished by the surname Lin, he…how could he not lose the grade, but broke through?” Leng Aotian’s voice trembled.
Above that old face, it was like seeing a ghost.
And heard this.
The blood wolf smiled sternly:
“Is it unexpected?”
“However, it is more unexpected waiting for you! When you die, don’t worry, I will tell you because of what!”
The blood wolf’s words were arrogant and arrogant.
Especially, what surprised everyone was.
After his words fell, the whole figure flashed, and he suddenly culled towards Leng Aotian.
Actively attack and kill?

Death !!!” Leng Aotian was completely angered.
Although he was a little astonished at the fact that the blood wolf not only was not abolished, but broke through, but as an old master, how could he put a new master in his eyes.
“Brother He! I’ve given this to me!”
Leng Aotian flashed in the same figure, facing the blood wolf, attacking and killing.
It’s just that the two of them have just fought, and the scene where Leng Aotian’s dead soul is in danger has appeared!
boom! boom! boom!
At this moment, on the high platform of the gymnasium center, there was constant loud noise.
Leng Aotian and Blood Wolf, two great masters, flickered on the high platform like phantoms.
Each of their punches contained true energy, with supreme pressure.
Let alone ordinary people.
Even if the master is strong, I am afraid that he will be beaten to death.
But now.
What made Leng Aotian unbelievable was that he fell with one punch after another, but every blow was firmly received by the blood wolf.
It couldn’t hurt the other party at all.
Especially terrible.
The blood wolf’s strength was incredible, and Leng Aotian only felt a burst of pain in his arm with every blow, as if he was about to break.
one move!
Another trick!
Seeing the two figures fighting life and death on the high platform, and the many Jiangnan big men in the stadium, all looked dumbfounded.
“Okay… so strong! It’s just the infuriating fluctuations that these two people have spread, and I actually feel a kind of frail powerlessness!”
“It’s terrible! That blood wolf was obviously abolished before, how could he become a great master? ”
Yeah, and he is now on par with Grandmaster Leng. This… it’s incredible!”
Seeing the blood wolf with more and more violent fists, there is a kind of sentiment from the surrounding Jiangnan bigwigs. The trembling of the soul.
One master and apprentice, two great masters.
This is simply appalling.

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