Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 85

Master Dao!
When these two words fell in the ears of Bai Yi and Shen Yumei, they also made the eyes of the mother and daughter jump.
The residential area they live in, Li Yuan Palace is in Beicheng, Jiangshi.
How come you haven’t heard of this fierce god Dao.
This person carried more than 20 lives, and Nancheng Tiger Lord, also known as the two great gods of Jiangshi.
In particular, it is said that Master Dao’s combat power is even more frightening, one person with one sword, dominates the northern city, and will either destroy or expel each force.
It shows the horror of this person.
“It turned out to be him, it’s over, Xiao Fan is in trouble!” The Baishan family turned pale with fright.
Bai Yi seemed to see Lin Fan die tragically under the hands of Master Dao, making her head dizzy and almost falling to the ground.
Lin Fan is amazing.
But he was only hurting people, but Master Dao was the murderer.
How can this be compared.
At this moment, Bai Yi’s family was anxious, and they wanted to tell Lin Fan to flee.
Just at this moment.
“Big brother, this kid, hurry up! Kill him for me. He abolished our more than 20 brothers and must kill him!” The lost dog seemed to have seen the savior and shouted to Master Dao.
Master Dao was taken aback for a moment.
“Abolished more than 20 people?”
He obviously didn’t expect that there would be such a powerful guy on the Jiangshi site.
At the moment, Master Dao’s fierce eyes turned, and he looked straight ahead.
But, after he saw Lin Fan’s smiling face.
Master Dao only felt his head as if he had been struck by lightning, causing his body to become slightly stiff, his complexion brushed, completely bloodless.
“Yes… is it him?” At this moment, Master Dao couldn’t help but recall the picture in the prison.
This… the devil!
“Brother, take revenge for me, hurry up!” Sanguo didn’t notice the abnormality of Master Dao at all, still shouting.
And heard this.
Master Dao couldn’t help taking a deep breath, and then nodded:
“Okay! Get revenge for you!”
After saying that, he bent down, picked up a baseball bat from the ground, and walked toward Lin Fan aggressively.
Da da da!
The footsteps of Master Dao were calm and powerful.
With every step, the smile on Sanggou’s face was thick, while the complexion of Bai Yi’s family was pale.
“Hahaha… kid, are you scared? My elder brother is Dao, can’t you think of it?”
The smile on Sangou’s face was crazy and hideous.
He stretched out his other hand and pointed at Lin Fan’s body. His smile became more fierce:
“My eldest brother will break your legs, your hands, and finally blow yours… ”
Sanggou’s words are full of resentment.
And every word made the Baiyi family terrified.
Just at this moment.
A crackling sound blew up, instantly interrupting the bereaved dog’s hideous words.
Sanggou watched, pointing to Lin Fan’s arm, unexpectedly snapped.
“Ah ah ah!”
Pain in general tide swept every nerve mourning dog, shaking more than he hurt.
Especially what makes him even more incredible.
His arm was actually interrupted by… Master Dao.
how can that be.
“Big brother, you… how did you beat me? That kid, he beat our brother! You should beat him!” The dog was completely dumbfounded.
He never dreamed that the “revenge” in his elder brother’s mouth would actually break his arm.
What’s so…
more than a bereaved dog, Bai Yi’s family almost fell out of their eyes at this moment.
Obviously, he didn’t expect that the fierce Master Dao would actually interrupt his arm.
“Why hit you?” Dao master dragged a bloody baseball bat in one hand, and shouted angrily:
“Because you are not a human being, so you dare to bully and bully the innocent!”
“I just beat you like this. Bully!”
Master Dao shot stick after stick, smashing down the mourning dog’s body.
At this moment, not only was the dog bewildered, even the Bai Yi family couldn’t believe their ears.
Hit a bully like you?
What are you so special about…
Bai Yi’s mouth twitched, but they knew that the biggest bully was the sword master.
How could he be so just?
This is simply the sun coming out from the west.
However, the next scene shocked them even more.
I saw that, after smashing the dog in a mess, Master Dao threw away the bloody stick angrily.
Then the fierce air on his face disappeared instantly, and a thick flattering smile appeared.
Master Dao trot all the way, nodded and bowed to Lin Fan’s front, then he bowed suddenly:
“The knife has seen Mr. Lin!”

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