Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 86

The knife has seen Mr. Lin.
When the words of Master Dao resounded, all the voices here stopped abruptly.
The screams around disappeared.
The panic of Bai Yi’s family is gone.
Everyone’s eyes widened, watching this scene, just feeling like a dream.
Little…a knife?
Everyone felt their heads, as if being struck by thunder, they were shocked.
“No…impossible!” Sanggu was lying on the ground, panting heavily.
He knows Master Dao best. The other party is a real murderous and unblinking character. In ordinary times, Dao Dao doesn’t even look at the big guys like Xu Tianlong. Now, how can he treat this little Bai family? The little son-in-law nodded and bowed.
This is simply beyond the scope of his cognition.
Bai Yi and others were even more stunned.
They thought that Lin Fan was miserable, but they couldn’t imagine that this would happen.
“Xiao…Xiaofan knows Master Dao?”
Bai Shan suddenly felt like he was about to suffocate, so he clutched his heart and gasped for breath.
Bai Yi discovered that her husband seemed strange.
Is this still the poor husband who is ridiculed every day and beaten every day?
He could beat twenty alone, and he could also let a bully like Master Dao bow his head down, which made her incredible.
But at the moment they don’t know.
Dense cold sweat had already covered Master Dao’s forehead, dripping down continuously.
He was nervous and his legs felt weak.
Only he has seen how ferocious Lin Fan is, and what is especially terrifying is Lin Fan’s identity.
This is the super existence that made No.1 Liu Zhen and others bow and salute.
“Do you still know me?”
At this moment , Lin Fan looked at Master Dao with a smile.
“Acknowledge… know!”
Master Dao swallowed fiercely, and at this moment he didn’t even have the courage to look at Lin Fan. He just lowered his head, bit his scalp, and said tremblingly:
“The one in S prison One day, Mr. Lin’s insidious teaching, the knife will never forget!”
“This time, the brother of the knife offended Mr. Lin, and he wanted to beat or scold him, let the knife let Mr. Lin send it off!”
Listening to Master Dao’s trembling words and watching his sweaty expression, Sango was completely dumbfounded.
Kicked on the iron plate?
In his eyes, where Lin Fan is an iron plate, it is clearly a meteorite.
The person who can make Master Dao so scared is asking him for trouble. Isn’t this looking for death?
Thought of this.
The mourning dog shivered, squirming quickly, and crawling towards Lin Fan:
“Lin…Mr. Lin, I was wrong. I don’t know you know my elder brother. Please, forgive me this time, and from now on. The sanggoo will treat you as a cow and a horse, and don’t hesitate!” The sanggoo is not stupid.
On the contrary, he is very smart, knowing that he has met a real big man, naturally begging for mercy is a life-saving act.
Not only him.
The rest of the deposed big men also crawled in front of Lin Fan one by one, begging for mercy.
This scene is extremely spectacular.
A group of people who had been fierce and evil before, but now all crawling under the feet of Lin Fan, begging for mercy, made the Baiyi family even more unbelievable.
“Forget it!”
“Remember, there is no next time!”
Lin Fan was too lazy to pester these people, and even more lazy to care about who was behind the scenes.
He knew that as long as Master Dao was not stupid, he knew what to do.
Lin Fan’s words made Master Dao wait for everyone to breathe a long sigh of relief. They only felt as if they had walked through a ghost gate.

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