Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 90

Early the next morning.
The Baiyi family got up early, and Shen Yumei prepared the meal. Everyone was eating and watching TV.
On TV, there is a live broadcast of the Chinese and Western Medicine Contest.
In the picture, no matter it is Gao Zhiyuan, Western Medicine Mike and others, they have already prepared early.
Among them, the patient on the western medicine side is the old lady Bai.
On the side of the Chinese medicine doctor, an elderly patient with the same illness as Mrs. Bai was sent.
In comparison!
The symptoms of this elderly patient seem to be more severe.
The whole person’s face is covered with dense senile spots, and the brows are already full of life, and it looks like he will be dead at any time.
The old lady on the other side breathed smoothly and vigorously.
“Oh! Brother called just now, so we are not allowed to go to the hospital!” At the dinner table, Bai Shan sighed long.
In the eyes of all the Bai family members, the reason why the old lady was admitted to the hospital was completely popular with her family.
They have become the thorn in the eyes of all the Bai family.
This time, even with the operation of Old Lady Bai, they were all refused visit by the Bai family.
“Don’t let you go, don’t go!” Shen Yumei didn’t care, and said directly:
“Anyway, we can see the situation of the old man through the live broadcast. After the operation is successful, it will not be too late for us to go again.”
Hearing this, Baishan could only helpless. Nodded.
And at the moment.
Bai Yi watched the live broadcast, frowning her eyebrows, and said in confusion:
“It’s strange to say that everyone is ready, why can’t you see the genius doctor Lin?”
This sentence reminded Bai Shan and Shen Yumei.
The husband and wife were also in the picture, constantly searching, but they did not find any special people in the Chinese medicine camp.
“In half an hour, the Chinese and Western Medicine Contest is about to begin. Could it be that the genius Doctor Lin has retreated?” Bai Shan frowned.
Not only him.
At this moment, even Bai Yi and Shen Yumei thought so.
After all, in an interview with reporters yesterday, the genius doctor Lin did not show up.
And now, the game started right away and everyone was ready, but the genius doctor Lin was still missing, how could one not question it.
This question, apparently both sides of the Chinese and Western medicine camps have also discovered this.
At the moment, a reporter asked Gao Zhiyuan:
“Excuse me , Mr. Lin’s person? There is still half an hour before the competition. Why hasn’t the contestant appeared yet?”
Hearing the questioning tone Gao’s expression was slightly embarrassed, and he could only bite the bullet and said:
“Don’t worry, the game will go on as scheduled, and the doctor Lin will definitely come!”
However, Gao’s words just fell.
The western doctor Mike next to him sneered:
“Cut! I’m afraid that the surname is Lin, so I dare not come? I’ve long been a turtle!”
This sentence changed everyone’s expressions.
All the experts and medical staff in the traditional Chinese medicine camp looked ugly to the extreme. On the other hand, Bai Yifan and others who supported Western medicine were ridiculing.
“Huh! We have investigated, among the TCM doctors in Jiangshi, there is no one with the surname Lin!” The sarcasm at the corner of Western Medicine Mike’s mouth became more intense:
“From my point of view, this time, I am afraid that it will be you TCM liars. Where did you find the quack doctor, that person was afraid to show his face, so he was scared away!”
As soon as this remark came out, the expressions of all Chinese medicine experts dripped gloomily.
This is more than that.
Western medicine Mike continued:
“rest assured, even if the name is Lin liar, afraid to appear, today’s game will be normal, I pay attention to ethics Mike Western medicine, will certainly be completely cured white old man!”
Papa Pa!
Hearing this, Bai Yifan and others below cheered and applauded for Mike’s medical ethics.
At the same time!
Before the TV, Lin Fan slowly put down the dishes.
Then he picked up a vegetable basket and said to Bai Yi:
“My wife, I’m going to buy groceries!”
Buying groceries?
The Baiyi family was taken aback.
“Lin Fan, don’t you watch the live broadcast of the Chinese and Western medicine competition?” Bai Yi asked with a puzzled face.
The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth twitched. If you don’t go shopping for your own food, you will never see the genius Doctor Lin.
“Don’t look at it!”
After saying that, Lin Fan took the vegetable basket and rode an electric car, and left the house slowly.

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