Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 89

After hearing this news, the Baiyi family was stunned.
They did not expect that after the defeat of Gao Zhiyuan, the first Chinese medicine practitioner in Jiang City, Chinese medicine would challenge him again.
Especially, it was a stranger doctor named Lin.
Could it be that this doctor surnamed Lin is better than Gao Lao’s medical skills?
Otherwise, how could he accept the challenge and come to compete?
“We have a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Jiang City. It seems that there is no one named Lin?” Bai Shan frowned, but he couldn’t remember how sacred the doctor was.
Bai Yi was also extremely puzzled:
“What happened recently? First, there was a big man named Mr. Lin! And now, another Lin genius doctor popped out!” The family was confused.
How can I not guess who this genius doctor Lin is?
However, this does not stop.
Soon, a picture of Gao Zhiyuan, the first Chinese medicine practitioner in Jiang City, appeared on TV.
During the interview, Gao Zhiyuan swept away the haze of his previous defeat, and his whole body became full of spirits and red light. He said to the reporter who interviewed:
“This time, we are able to invite the genius doctor Lin. It is really fortunate that he can be busy for his elderly. Come to the competition, express gratitude and salute!”
“Tomorrow morning, I believe that the magical doctor Lin will use incredible Chinese medicine to let everyone understand that Chinese medicine is definitely a magical medicine for saving the dead!”
Listening to Gao Zhiyuan’s words, the Baiyi family was completely stunned.
Even across the TV screen, they could truly feel Gao Zhiyuan’s confidence and respect for the genius doctor Lin.
“Oh my God, I’m becoming more curious now, who is that genius doctor Lin?” Bai Shan exclaimed.
Bai Yi is also unbelievable:
“Yes, Gao Lao is already the first Chinese medicine practitioner in Jiang City, and the medical practitioner who makes him so respected must be an old Chinese medicine doctor!”
Old Chinese medicine doctor ?
The corner of Lin Fan’s mouth twitched slightly.
He knew that even if he told Bai Yi and the others, he was the genius doctor Lin, but they would not believe it.
And at this moment.
Soon, the footage on TV changed again, and the interview footage was given to the western medical expert Mike.
On TV, Mike arrogantly said with a disdainful face:
“Chinese medicine? It’s just a bunch of shit!”
“The one named Lin is nothing but a grandstanding wine bag! In tomorrow’s game, I will heal Mr. Bai. , I will also find the same sick number for the guy surnamed Lin!”
“Look, tomorrow the guy surnamed Lin will be defeated by my western medicine skills, let him kneel down and beg for mercy! I admit that Chinese medicine is a liar! , It’s rubbish! Hahaha…”
Mike laughed wildly.
By his side, Bai Yifan was holding his stinky feet and said to the reporter:
“Today, my grandfather almost lost his life, and his heart stopped for ten minutes. He completely relied on Dr. Mike’s western medicine to let me Grandpa is coming back to life!” “So, I believe that Dr. Mike will be able to treat my grandpa tomorrow. As for Mr. Lin? Sorry, I haven’t heard of this person before. I’m afraid it’s a country doctor who doesn’t know where he came from.”
Bai Yifan said. He praised Western medicine everywhere and stepped on Chinese medicine.
And see this scene.
The corners of Lin Fan’s mouth couldn’t help but a slight smile appeared.
He would like to know what the two faces will look like after tomorrow’s game.

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