Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 93

This scene!
The same fell in the eyes of the rest of the people in Jiang City who watched the live broadcast.
When he saw that someone finally entered the Chinese medicine treatment room, all the verbal abuse and anger calmed down.
Everyone is waiting to see, what kind of ability does the genius doctor Lin have that can make Mr. Gao admire so much.
And just under the gaze of this pair of eyes!
Chinese medicine treatment room!
“Mr. Lin, let’s start!” This was the voice of the old man.
But he also put on the surgical gown and came to lay hands on the genius doctor Lin.
Heard this!
The thin figure leading him nodded.
He came to the sick old man’s body, glanced up and down, and then said:
“This person is suffering from Philinlock’s disease. Due to blood diseases, the whole body is not smooth, causing cerebral palsy and general paralysis. !”
When hearing this, not only the seniors in the treatment room were stunned, but even the Baiyi family in front of the TV, and many other TV viewers, were full of incredible faces.
How can it be.
This person has just glanced at the patient from entering the treatment room, how can he be determined?
To know!
What Chinese medicine emphasizes is looking, smelling, asking, and cutting!
Every step is taken extremely carefully, and a conclusion will be drawn only after 100% certainty.
But now, this genius doctor Lin just glanced at him, and he directly concluded that it was Philinlock’s disease, which was simply too rash.
For a moment!
All the audience in front of the TV was once again in an uproar.
“Sudden diagnosis at a glance? This surnamed Lin is either a real genius doctor or a big liar!”
“Yes! I heard his voice, it seems that he is not very old, it is estimated that 90% is a liar! ”
…” In front of the TV, almost everyone in the audience questioned Lin Fan’s identity as a genius doctor.
Even Baishan, Baiyi and others frowned.
“This genius doctor Lin is too sloppy, how can he determine the illness at a glance?”
Bai Shan sighed long, but he was a little more disappointed in the genius doctor Lin’s ability.
Just Bai Yi on the side!
After hearing the voice of the genius doctor Lin, Jiao’s body stiffened slightly.
Familiar with!
Although this voice has been changed by live broadcast, it is still familiar to the extreme.
When Bai Yizai carefully observed the eyes of the genius doctor Lin, she was even more struck by lightning. She could hardly believe her eyes:
“Dad…Mom! Look, does this genius doctor Lin look like? Lin Fan? ”
Bai Shan and Shen Yumei were completely confused by Bai Yi’s words.
Lin Fan?
Doctor Lin?
how can that be.
At the moment, the Baishan couple almost widened their eyes, staring into the eyes of the genius doctor Lin, but they were surprised to find…like!
It looked like Lin Fan’s eyes, especially with the familiar voice just now. This…
“No…impossible!” Bai Shan shook his head, and then said to his wife and daughter:
“This person can’t be Lin Fan. Lin Fan went to buy groceries, so how could he go to the hospital! Moreover, Lin Fan didn’t understand medicine, how could he learn from others to be a doctor.”
Doesn’t understand medicine?
Hearing this, Bai Yi’s heart could not help but a resurrection pill appeared, and he couldn’t help but think of the words of Lin Fan in the ward yesterday, which categorically said the’Qilinhuo Si De’ illness.
Is all this a coincidence?
Bai Yi couldn’t believe it, and couldn’t believe it.

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