Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 94

Lin Fan didn’t know Bai Yi’s suspicion.
In the TCM treatment room, after Lin Fan finished talking about the symptoms, the TCM experts next to her couldn’t help it anymore!
“Dr. Lin, don’t you feel that you are too arbitrary? As far as I know, Filin Lock’s disease is a disease that is extremely difficult to determine in the world!”
At this moment, a Chinese medicine expert took the lead to question:
“Globally, Only one case was diagnosed and cured by the Royal London Hospital of Eagle Country! It was the first patient with this disease in the world, named after the patient’s name Felin Locke!”
“You are now, there is no sight, no information, no equipment to detect, how? It can be concluded that it is Philinlock’s disease!”
This Chinese medicine expert obviously knows this disease.
At the moment, the refutation is in order.
And after hearing this expert’s explanation!
All the Jiangshi audience before the live TV broadcast also completely exploded.
“Oh my God, it turned out to be like this! So to speak, Philin Locke’s disease is one of the most difficult to diagnose diseases in the world!”
“Yes! Does this genius doctor Lin understand? Just open your mouth, I’m afraid it is. Nonsense?”
“That is, a disease that was only diagnosed and cured by the Eagle Country Royal Hospital. I am afraid that it has been tested by countless precision instruments. What about him? Just take a look? Isn’t this a lie?”
Many Jiangshi audiences were completely angry at this moment.
One by one, the genius doctor Lin was constantly accused.
Just now!
They were stunned to discover that even if they were criticized by Chinese medicine experts, the genius doctor Lin was still calm.
He looked directly at the questioning TCM expert, and then said indifferently:
“I know naturally, because I cured that patient!”
Hearing these words of Lin Fan, the surrounding TCM experts were dumbfounded, and all the audience in front of the TV were also dumbfounded.
He cured?
At the Eagle Country Royal Hospital?
What a joke.
They have never heard of Chinese medicine in the Royal Hospital of Eagle Country.
Isn’t this talking nonsense with your eyes open?
For a time!
The atmosphere in the TCM treatment room is depressing and strange.
Those Chinese medical experts were completely out of anger.
“Okay! Okay! Master Lin, you are really a genius doctor. You even went to the Eagle Country Royal Hospital. I think you brag about the wrong place!”
The Chinese medicine expert exploded his lungs. After he finished speaking, he He took off his mask, and then said to Gao Zhiyuan:
“Old man, I’m sorry, I can’t take care of this bragging guy. Goodbye!”
This Chinese medicine expert walked away directly.
Not only him!
All the audience was dumbfounded.
The remaining TCM experts took off their masks one by one, and their faces were full of anger.
“Old Gao, I’m sorry, this kind of braggart is not worthy of being called a Chinese medicine doctor! I also quit!” “And me, it’s not a matter of being late, talking nonsense, such a person is a doctor!”
“…” At this moment , One after another TCM experts, went straight away.
In the blink of an eye, there were only Lin Fan and Gao Lao left in the entire TCM treatment room.
Elder Gao was still bewildered until everyone left.
He never thought that this would happen.
However, Lin Fan didn’t care at all.
For him, being surrounded by a group of wine and rice bags is the most boring thing.

Three inches of needles, seven!” “Five inches of needles, three!”
“Seven inches of needles, one!”
Lin Fan said calmly while pressing the acupuncture points of the old man in front of him.
And hear this!
Elder Gao shook his whole body, almost without hesitation, nodded and replied:
After speaking, Elder Gao immediately got ready.
This scene fell in the eyes of many audiences, making them all bewildered. No one thought that after all the assistants of Chinese medicine experts left, the old man still did not hesitate to choose to believe this surname Lin.
After seeing the kind of massage points surnamed Lin, everyone can’t help but hesitate, can he really heal?

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