Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 96

Li Yuan Palace!
When the Baiyi family saw the live broadcast, after inserting a needle, Lin patted his butt, and went straight away, equally dumbfounded.
“He… gone?” Bai Shan’s face was stunned.
This was the first time he saw him. Halfway through the treatment, the attending doctor patted his butt and left.
“This doctor surnamed Lin is a liar, isn’t it? Someone who has been treated halfway and left directly, leaving the patient here!” Shen Yumei was also full of consternation and anger.
And Bai Yi.
Seeing Gao Lao unexpectedly smashed her head against the back of Master Lin’s departure, her beautiful eyes also flashed with a strong incredible:
“No, Gao Lao is a Chinese medicine doctor . How can ordinary people cheat? He?”
Bai Yi’s words immediately silenced the Baishan couple.
Gao Lao is known as the first Chinese medicine practitioner in Jiang City, and he is not a three-year-old child. How could he be easily deceived by an outsider.
But if it weren’t deceived, wouldn’t it mean that the genius doctor Lin really has an unimaginable but unknown magical skill?
But how is this possible!
Not only that!
Bai Yi did not say one more thought.
For some reason, after seeing the scene of Elder Gao kneeling and kowtow to Lin Shen, she unconsciously remembered the scene in the parking lot yesterday.
Yesterday, it seemed that Elder Gao was also kowtow to Lin Fan.
Among them, is there any connection?
And just when Bai Yi was meditating.
Suddenly, the scream of Shen Yumei next to him resounded:
“Oh my God, look at it!”
The scream caused Bai Yi and Bai Shan to be taken aback, and then the two hurriedly looked towards the live broadcast.
Suddenly they saw that Elder Gao took down all the needles.
And just after the last needle was pulled out!
The famous old man suddenly opened his eyes!

At the same time!
In the western medical operating room, the operation is still proceeding smoothly.
Mike’s forehead was already densely covered with sweat.
The assistant doctor next to him quickly wiped him off, and almost everyone’s face was filled with joy.
Because of the operation, it is about to succeed.
“As long as the remaining blood clots are removed, our operation will be successful!”
Mike finished speaking to everyone.
He carefully controlled the tweezers, and slowly probed out toward the location of the blood clot.
His palm was steady and strong, and the blood clot was quickly clamped, and then slowly taken out.
It succeeded.
At this moment, all the assistant physicians around saw that the last blood clot was taken out, everyone’s heart was relaxed, and everyone’s face was full of joy.
The success of this operation also means that they have achieved a terrible record of 13 consecutive victories in the Chinese medical community.
It can be said that this is the all-round rolling of Western medicine to Chinese medicine.
Everyone wants to applaud and celebrate at this moment.
But at this moment!
A harsh reminder sounded through, causing Mike and his team to change their faces.
They were stunned to discover that the originally stable and powerful electrocardiogram actually sent out violent fluctuations.
That is to say.
Grandpa Bai’s heart was beating faster, and her body functions fell into a state of self-protection.
“No! Damn, what’s going on? The operation has been successful, how can the patient’s body fall into the self-protection mechanism!” At this moment, Mike brushed his face and turned pale.
During the operation, the patient’s body falls into a self-protection mechanism, that is to say, the organs of the patient’s body will soon fall into a state of exhaustion, even more terrifying, the patient may die at any time!
At this moment, Mike and the others saw that as the ECG was plunged into violent fluctuations, the band fell into a very slow state.
This means that the heartbeat of the old lady Bai is beginning to become very weak and slow, and death is getting closer.
“Mike, the patient’s body organs are beginning to fail!”
This sentence made Mike even more ashamed:
“In this state, how many days can he… survive?”
“Three days!” the assistant replied, Make Mike’s body shake like a lightning strike.

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