Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 98

This sentence made the smiles on Bai Yifan and everyone’s faces froze.
Lost… failed?
how can that be!
“Mr. Mike, don’t you be kidding! This joke is not funny at all?” Bai Yifan’s smile was extremely stiff, and his expression flashed with panic.
The old lady is the pillar of the Bai family.
If an accident happens, then the Bai family will suffer a fatal blow.
And even more terrifying!
All guilt will be added to Bai Yifan’s head. After all, Mike and others were invited by him.
Thinking of this, Bai Yifan’s scalp was numb, and when he looked at Mike and the others, he became more frightened.
“This is true!” Mike’s face flashed with a deep unwillingness:
“Originally, the operation was successful! But for some reason , your grandpa’s body fell into a self-protection mechanism, and his organs began to fail! He still… …Three-day life span!”
“In addition…” At this point, Mike’s expression became complicated and unbelievable. He bit his head and said:
“We just contacted a foreign medical expert and passed through that The guy confirmed that your grandfather’s real condition is actually Qilinhuo Si De’s disease! ”
This sentence, like a bolt from the blue sky, made everyone such as Uncle Bai Hai and Bai Yifan tremble, and they could hardly believe their ears.
Qilin Horside!
This name is naturally familiar to them.
Because just yesterday, Lin Fan was in the ward and pointed out this disease in public.
At that time, everyone just treated it as a joke.
“No…impossible, how could the old lady have Qilinhuo Si De disease? How did this fellow Lin Fan know?” Bai Yifan and others’ expressions flashed as if they had seen a ghost.
Not only them!
At this moment, Mike also had a numb scalp.
After all, as a doctor, he rebutted Lin Fan yesterday, and it was the first time he heard of this disease.
“Could it be that yesterday’s revival had something to do with that guy?”
Mike’s eyelids jumped wildly, and he couldn’t help but think of Lin Fan’s slap yesterday.
It was under that slap that the old lady came back to life.
Is this really relevant?
Mike at this moment can no longer imagine.
And the other side.
Li Mingyi and other Chinese medicine experts, at this moment, they all breathed a sigh of relief.
“Fortunately, Mike’s team failed, so our Chinese medicine practitioner is not too embarrassed!”
“Yes, that surname Lin is really out of luck! Otherwise, he will definitely become a joke for Quan Huaxia!”
“… ”
These Chinese medicine experts talked quietly one by one.
At this moment, Mike and the others apparently found them too, and they were slightly startled.
“The Chinese medicine side is over?”
Mike and others couldn’t believe it.
After all, when they entered the operating room, the so-called genius doctor Lin did not even show up?
How could it end faster than them.
Heard this!
Suddenly someone next to him, sneered:
“What is the end? There is no beginning at all!”
“The genius doctor Lin is here, but he is a liar!” A liar?
This sentence fell in the ears of Mike and others, but they also let them breathe a long sigh of relief.
Fortunately, although his own party failed, the Chinese medicine practitioner was even more embarrassed.
At this moment, in the hearts of Mike and others, they laughed at that liar, genius doctor Lin, and Li Mingyi and others were angry at the liar, genius doctor Lin!
Squeak… the door of the Chinese medicine treatment room next door opened.
Then, under everyone’s horrified gaze, Senior Elder helped an old man and walked out of the treatment room…!
When I saw the face of the old man being supported.
Whether it is Li Mingyi and other Chinese medicine experts, Mike and other Western medicine experts, or all the senior Bai family, one by one is struck by lightning, as if they have seen a ghost, it is incredible.

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