Top Shenhao

Chapter: 3935

Elder Tianjianzong, Elder Meigu, Elder Cui, Elder Yuquezi, Wanderer, Du Yuanzi, Emperor Xingwu, Jin Yaoer, daughter Lin Kexin, woman Lin Yi, Mo Qing, and Su Yan gave birth to him. Liang Yuan, Old Man Yan, Yang Wan, Wei Qi, Meng Shan, Prince Beiliang, Bailu Bailu of Baijiabao, Zhu’s father and son, Lin Yi’s Taoist friend Xia Sui, old man Liusu, Liusu Yun, Daniel, Zhizhi Jin, little monkey…

Some of them had fought with Lin Yun and died.

Now Lin Yun can also make up for this regret.

“Everyone, I have now reached the point of resurrecting people, and you have all been resurrected by me.” Lin Yun’s face was full of smiles.



“Lin Yun!”

Everyone came back to life, and after hearing Lin Yun’s explanation, they were also very excited.

They can live a new life.

Lin Yi and Lin Kexin’s children even rushed into Lin Yun’s arms.

Looking at the children in his arms, the smile on Lin Yun’s face became brighter and brighter.

“There are the last few.” Lin Yun took a deep breath.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yun used it again to resurrect Xuanming, Patriarch Xuyun, Human Emperor, and Dragon Emperor who had given Lin Yun a great opportunity.

Human Sovereign and Dragon Sovereign are close friends.

After they came back to life, they met again, excitedly hugging each other…

As for Xuanming and Patriarch Xuyun, they were a little confused…

Lin Yun asked Feiying Jinjun and the others to set up a banquet in Wuji Tiangong.

Lin Yun is going to hold the largest and most lively banquet ever!

During the preparation of the banquet, Lin Yun had to go out first.

Lin Yun wanted to re-open the channel with Xiulian Continent, and then inform Xiao Qinglong, Emperor Huoyun, Yuying, Mo Qing, Huo Zhen, Vice-Master Yao of Tianshen Palace, Empress Kunlan and other immortals to come forward. Come to the ancestral land and attend the banquet.

Didn’t they want to take a look at the world of Zudi a long time ago?

Now they can come over!

The ruins of the Temple of Fire.

Lin Yun appeared here.

The Tianhuo Temple has been destroyed, and the former transmission channel has also been destroyed.

Lin Yun used the energy of the Dao of Heaven to open it up again.

Afterwards, Lin Yun sent a low-level Wuji Tiangong monk to go to the Cultivation Chain Continent through this channel to inform him.

After waiting here for more than a day.

The front passage flickered with light.

In the next moment, Emperor Huoyun, Xiaoqinglong, Yuying, Mo Qing, Huo Zhen, and all the immortals from Tianhuo Temple all appeared.

Looking at them who were familiar, Lin Yun smiled!

This is a smile from the heart.

“Haha, brat, you finally let us come over!”

As soon as they met, Xiao Qinglong rushed up and gave Lin Yun a big bear hug.

“Little Qinglong, your character hasn’t changed at all over the years.” Lin Yun laughed.

“Stinky boy, tell me quickly, what’s going on with you in this ancestral land now? I’m very curious.” Xiao Qinglong asked.

“Hey, two words sum it up, invincible!” Lin Yun grinned.

“Really? Then you are too good!” Xiao Qinglong’s eyes were straight.

“Otherwise, how dare I pick you up so easily?” Lin Yun said with a smile.

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