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Chapter: 3936 (END)

“By the way, you, your wife Yuying, Mo Qing, and your master have not seen each other for a long time. You should go see them quickly, we two brothers, and we will talk later.” Xiao Qinglong said.

“Don’t worry about Xiao Qinglong, we will have plenty of time to talk in the future.” Lin Yun smiled and patted Xiao Qinglong.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yun walked up to Emperor Huoyun.

“Master.” Lin Yun saluted Emperor Huoyun.

Even if Lin Yun is already the Dao of Heaven, in Lin Yun’s heart, he will always be his master.

“Lin Yun, you just said that you are invincible here. It seems that you are still so dazzling. My original vision is indeed correct.” Emperor Huoyun stroked his beard and smiled.

Accepting Lin Yun as an apprentice is the most proud thing for Huo Yun.

“Master, you have been looking forward to coming to the ancestral land for a long time. You can walk around here more in the future. The world here is very exciting.” Lin Yun said.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yun walked up to Yuying and Mo Qing.

“Senior Sister Yuying and Mo Qing, I have kept you waiting all these years.” Lin Yun took their hands with affection in his eyes.

When the two parties parted, it was already in units of ten thousand years.

“Lin Yun, we are very happy to see you again.” Senior Sister Mo Qing smiled like a breeze.

Yuying also said: “Lin Yun, we have been worried about you here all these years. Now, we can finally feel at ease.”

Immediately, Yuying lowered her head: “It’s just that Su Yan, Yunshang and the others… and grandpa Liu Zhizhong and the others… have all… come to the end of their lives, and they can’t see you again.”

Lin Yun grinned: “Don’t worry, I have now reached the point where I can resurrect them. They have all been resurrected by me. I will take everyone to see them now.”

“Really? That’s great!” They all jumped up excitedly when they heard what Lin Yun said.

“Of course it’s true. Let’s go. We’ll talk as we go. When we arrive at our destination, you’ll be able to meet them,” Lin Yun said.

“Okay, you have to tell us something about your past years and things about this world.”

An unrivaled feast unfolds in the Promise Heavenly Palace.

In addition to these relatives and friends, Lin Yun also invited the two supreme beings of the Shuangzun Pavilion, Su Ziao, the owner of Jingyue Valley, and her two daughters to participate.

They also learned that Lin Yun destroyed the Dao of Heaven and replaced it.

As for Mu Li and the elf patriarch, they were in the Wuji Heavenly Palace before, so they would naturally participate.

At the banquet, everyone drank and chatted, and it was very lively.

Lin Yun drank and chatted alone with every old friend.

Lin Yun also told everyone about the ancestral land with gusto.

“I didn’t expect that the ruins I left on the earth could finally bring me back to life. I’m so lucky.” Xuan Ming laughed.

“Haha, I’ve become the master of the Heavenly Dao.” Patriarch Xuyun said with a smile.

Like the two brothers Ren Huang and Long Huang, they even joined forces to drink, as if they would not stop until they were drunk.

As for the future, they can go back to their ancestral land if they want to.

Like Xiao Qinglong and Huoyun Great Emperor, they all made it clear that they must stay here for a while. After all, they are in the Cultivation Chain Continent and have reached the peak. They also desire to be stronger and eager to live a passionate life.

They stated that Lin Yun could not help them at will, they had to make their own way.

Of course Lin Yun said no problem.

Lin Yun also said that there used to be a dragon clan in the ancestral land, and Xiao Qinglong could go and look for it, and maybe he could re-establish the dragon clan in the ancestral land.

After Xiao Qinglong heard this, his blood immediately ignited.

The banquet was held for seven full days.

Evening of the seventh day.

at the banquet.

“Palace Master, you have become the Dao of Heaven now, what are your plans for the future?” Feiying Jinjun asked.

“I have already reached consummation, so I should retire. From today onwards, I will formally resign from the post of Palace Master of Wuji Tiangong. From now on, the human race, and even the ancestral land, will be handed over to you. To promote peace among the various ethnic groups in the ancestral land, it is the handover.” I have a task for you.” Lin Yun said.

Lin Yun didn’t intend to meddle in the matter of the ancestral land.

Lin Yun continued: “As for my identity as the Dao of Heaven, it’s not a big deal, and I won’t interfere with the development of other star worlds and ancestral lands at will. These worlds have their own rules of operation. If there are special circumstances, I will decide according to the situation. ”

Lin Yun has never been a person obsessed with power.

Lin Yun only had the desire for strength, and the long-cherished wish to revive his relatives and friends.

There are also changes to the era destruction rules.

Lin Yun has done all of these.

And Lin Yun’s strength has also reached its peak.

After Lin Yun, he finally didn’t have to work so hard.

“Palace Master, what are you going to do in the future?” King Destroyer asked.

“its me……”

Lin Yun looked at Wang Xue, Su Yan, Jiang Jingwen, Zhao Ling, Zheng Yi, Yunshang, Yuying, Mo Qing, and Zitong.

“It’s time for me to accompany them well, to travel around the mountains and rivers, and enjoy life. The ancestral land is so big, and I have never been to many places.” Lin Yun smiled.

Holding their hands, Lin Yun already owns the whole world…

(The Book is finished).

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One of the best novel I read, starting as a nobody, typical as many novels but from middle until ending getting more and more exciting, and I love how it turned out at the ending

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