War God Asura

Chapter: 7

Attractive Prize
“I hereby proclaim that the Three Clans Convention officially starts!” The high voice of the old man rings throughout the whole hall, followed by warm applause and cheers.
“The first session: prizes of the Convention,” says the old man, pointing to his side.
Three beautiful maidens walk with perfect harmony from the three respective clans area to the middle stage. The audiences’ attention are for a moment fixed to the ladies, but soon move toward the trays in their hands. The trays are covered with golden Dragon and Phoenix.
“The prize from Xing Clan is a piece of golden Silkworm Armor. Since it is spun from precious golden silk thread, it offers amazing defensive power and comfort for the wearer. If you wear this armor and you happen to be a common Martial Artist, you will survive from a fatal injury even when you are attacked by a Martial Master,” says the announcer, while lifting the cover of the leftmost tray, revealing an armor that glimmers in golden light.
“Whoa! The golden Silkworm Armor is Xing Clan Patriarch’s personal treasure. Who would’ve thought that he will be willing to let it go? It seems that Xing Clan has great confidence in this year’s convention,” Xing Jue excitedly comments.
“Wow! What a beautiful armor!”
“Oh, this is a priceless treasure!”
Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the Armor, some people clearly drools out of their desire of owning such treasure.
Afterwards, the prize from Zhao Clan is also shown to the public. It is a pill that can cure serious injury, a Black Rank Treasure Pill. The crowd roars with excitement. Although it is a valuable thing, Xing Jue finds it less attractive compared to the previous prize.
Now that two of the prizes have been displayed, everyone awaits excitedly for the last prize from Lu Clan. Lu Clan was the winner of the last convention so people are wondering how they might give an even more precious prize this year.
The old announcer has now arrived at the Lu Clan tray. He purposefully walks slowly there. When he puts his hand on the cover, the hall is completely silent. Xing Jue can hear his own heartbeats. After the cover is lifted, the hall roars. Not with cheers, but with disappointments and boos. There is no gorgeous treasure on Lu Clan tray, nothing except a simple blue envelope.
“Everyone, be quiet!” says the announcer. The hall gradually quiets down.
“Do not underestimate this seemingly ordinary letter. Perhaps in some way, this letter is much more precious compared to the two other treasures,” he says in a mysterious tone.
“Just tell us what it is!” says a guy who cannot control his temper, somewhere among the crowd.
“Hmm hmm, does everyone know about Imperial Wind Pavilion?” asks the old man with a smile, pretending not to hear the rude remark earlier.
“Who would not know it?” asks another angry guy among the crowd, followed with more boos from the audience. They think this old man must have underestimated their intelligence.
Imperial Wind Pavilion is a name of the most powerful force of Imperial Wind Empire. As residence of Imperial Wind Empire, everyone will certainly know about them.
“And this,” says the old man, holding the blue envelope high above his head. “Is the recommendation letter to Imperial Wind Pavilion.”
“What? A recommendation letter?” Xing Jue cannot contain his excitement now.
What kind of place is this Imperial Wind Pavilion? It is the place where all Martial Artist want to pursue advanced studies. It offers various kinds of advanced training that people can find nowhere else. To be a disciple of Imperial Wind Pavilion is certainly something to be proud of. Therefore, it is true what the old announcer said. This recommendation letter to Imperial Wind Pavilion worth more than the two other treasures.
There is something Xing Jue can’t really understand, though. Why don’t Lu Clan keep the letter for themselves? They even go as far as offering it as a prize in the convention. After pondering for a while, he concludes that Lu Clan must be completely sure of their victory in this year’s convention. If Lu Clan ends up as winner again, their strength will be even more recognized.
The whole hall is still full of excitement. People are discussing about how strong Lu Clan is, and how rich they must be, to generously offer such precious reward. Hearing the comments, Lu Clan Patriarch smiles happily, looking satisfied as if he has reached his entire purpose of life.
“Alright, everyone please calm down. Before the convention starts, I must introduce our guest of honor.”
“Guest of honor?” mumble the crowds. Who needs to be introduced at such grand event?
“Our guest of honor is the Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Feng Jizi or Elder Feng,” says the announcer, pointing his palm to the blue-robed old man in chairman’s podium.
The blue-robed old man gives a faint smile to the audience below the stage, but his expression is that of someone high and mighty.
“What? The Elder of Imperial Wind Pavilion? The Elder participates in our Three Clans Convention?”
“No wonder the Patriarch of three clans are so respectful toward him. It turns out he is the Imperial Wind Pavilion’s Elder.”
At this moment, the entire main hall is filled with excitement one more time. The people gaze upon the famous Elder at chairman podium, as if he was a god. Yunzhong City is a great city, and the three clans are strong, but Imperial Wind Pavilion is at a different level.
“No wonder Lu Clan is willing to offer the recommendation letter as the prize. So he really must have returned,” murmurs Xing Jue, looking at that bamboo hat youth at the Lu Clan new blood area.
“We shall now proceed to the second phase of the convention,” the old man proudly announce. “The new blood competition!”
“As usual, the rule! 30 new bloods will be divided into two groups to compete. The victor of each competition will proceed to the next round. The final victor is the champion of the convention. However, any new blood from any clan who has not been selected previously may challenge the champion. If he defeated the champion, then the new contender will replace the champion position,” explains the old announcer.
In high spirit, the old man then shouts, “Hereby I announce that the new blood competition has begun!”
The crowd responds with deafening cheers, and finally one-by-one, prominent youths from the three clans enter the stage.

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