War God Asura

Chapter: 8

Lu Zhan
Soon after the announcer finished his sentence, 30 new bloods from each clan walk in line to draw lots for their match. Each one then follows the number written on their token to different stages.
On the stages, all new bloods exhibit their techniques; Thunderbolt Leg, Tyrant Tiger Fist, Heavenly Thunder Palm, all kinds of martial arts. Only in a few round, some of them withdraw from the competition due to heavy injuries. As the fights between new bloods heat up, audiences under the stage are all staring with excitement.
A new blood from Zhao Clan is struck down. The one standing is Xing Clan’s main fighter, none other than Xing Feng.
“Humph! Too weak, this is so boring!” says Xing Feng with disdain. The Zhao’s new blood is trembling with fear. Xing Feng, who wants to show off his power, seeks Xing Jue in the audience. His eyes spot Xing Jue, but instead of satisfaction, he becomes furious. Xing Jue is sleeping on the table, clearly uninterested in Xing Feng.
“Just wait until the competition ends, and I’ll show you what suffering is,” mumbles Xing Feng coldly.
Xing Jue has no idea about what Xing Feng was doing or thinking. He is now immersed in his dream. Last night he and Old Zhang talked until late at night, so he must refill his energy. He knows that today he will have a big battle.
Time flows and everyone, other than Xing Jue, are unable to suppress their excitements because the most interesting battle has finally begun.
There are now only two new bloods in the center stage. On one side is Xing Feng. Zhao Zhen of Zhao Clan is standing on the other side. They both have achieved Intermediate Rank Martial Master.
“So it ends up with two of us, huh? Just as I expected. The others are just so weak,” says Zhao Zhen arrogantly.
“Oh, so you expect to be defeated by me also?” replies Xing Feng with contempt.
“Hahaha! On the contrary. You will be defeated by ME!” retorts Zhao Zhen with a maniacal laugh.
Xing Feng has no interest in replying anymore. He is ready with his stance. Zhao Zhen is also ready to attack all along. However, at a crucial moment, a haughty sound breaks the silence and make the two of them tremble. The voice reverberates through the entire main hall.
“Xing’s and Zhao’s two clowns! You don’t need to fight, today both of you will be crushed by my hand!”
At once all attention is directed to the source of the voice. It came from the direction of a mysterious youth of Lu Clan, who is wearing a bamboo hat. He is now walking slowly to the stage. He clearly comes from Lu but he is not the main blood that Lu Clan has chosen for competition. Everyone is puzzled.
“Hey little fellow, the competition is still in progress. If you want to make a challenge, please do it after the competition ends,” interrupts the old announcer.
“Is there any rule that mentions that a challenger cannot fight two new bloods at the same time in the finals?” replies the youth, not showing any sign to change his plan.
The old man is taken aback. After pondering for a moment he finally says, “I must say there is no such rule.”
“Hahaha, challenging both of us? What a crazy guy!” retorts Xing Feng. “Hey Zhao Zhen, we’ll continue later. Let me teach this ignorant fool a lesson first.”
“This brother is so brave. Can you tell us your name?” asks Zhao Zhen, who appears more reasonable compared to Xing Feng.
By this time, the youth with bamboo hat has arrived on the stage. Under everybody’s curious eyes, he takes off his hat. When they see his face, the two new bloods on stage are struck with fear and all confidence or arrogance that were there have completely vanished.
“Lu Clan’s new blood, Lu Zhan,” says the challenger with a strange smile.
“It’s really you!” Contrary to all tension on the stage, Xing Jue shouts excitedly. As Xing Jue has suspected earlier, this is the youth that has left Lu Clan for many years and his name is Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhan, Lu Clan’s strongest new blood, is born to fight. He repeatedly fought against Xing Jue many times, but they had not achieved clear victory or defeat. At the age of 13, with Lu Clan’s wealth and vast connections, he was sent to Imperial Wind Pavilion to pursue advanced studies. It is very unexpected that he would return at this moment and joins the competition.
“I, it’s…you!” says Xing Feng, full of surprise. His heart is now overwhelmed with fear. Three years ago Lu Zhan was already terribly strong. After practicing for three years in Imperial Wind Pavilion how far has he grown even stronger?
“Hehehe, I don’t expect Xing Clan’s strongest new blood to be you. Where is Xing Jue?” asks Lu Zhan blatantly.
“That trash has been driven out from Xing Clan,” replies Xing Feng arrogantly.
“Ah, what a pity. Well, let’s not waste any more time. Both of you, come at me,” says Lu Zhan, somewhat disappointed hearing Xing Feng’s reply. Lu Zhan considers Xing Jue his only rival that he has not managed to defeat yet.
“You..!” Xing Feng is going to retort angrily but he is taken aback by Lu Zhan’s threatening look.
“Xing Feng, we don’t know how strong this guy is now, but we both can clearly see that he is above you and me. Let’s not underestimate him and let’s work together. We might stand a chance,” says Zhao Zhen.
“I said it already. Don’t waste time. Use whatever tricks under your sleeve,” says Lu Zhan impatiently.
“Humph! Lu Zhan, you better not underestimate us. Since you are so arrogant, we will surprise you today,” replies Xing Feng.
Although Xing Feng is furious, he is not a fool. What Zhao Zhen said was true. He enters into an attack stance and at the same time, Zhao Zhen is readying himself too. Their bodies start to emit a threatening aura. Xing Feng has kept his trump card so far, and so does Zhao Zhen.
“Yellow Rank Advanced Rank Martial Skill, Wind God Kick”
“Yellow Rank Advanced Rank Martial Skill, Row Cloud Palm”
Two attacks at once, one leg and one palm bursting with martial Qi, are aimed toward Lu Zhan.
Lu Zhan stands still. He stares at the two with disdain. He then slowly lifts his right fist, then cries out loudly,
A palm, a fist, and a leg collide at the stage. A strong burst ripples with a loud noise. After the energy burst receded, people are all amazed at what they see.
Zhao Zhen and Xing Feng are lying on the ground. Blood flows on the corner of their mouths. Both look at Lu Zhan with disbelief. Lu Zhan didn’t use any Martial Skill. With only his fist, he defeated both attack and even injured them. The strength difference between them is colossal.
“Are.. are you a.. Martial Ancestor?” blurts Xing Feng out.
“Advanced Rank Martial Master,” replies Lu Zhan nonchalantly. He faintly smiles.
“Advanced Rank? Impossible!” says Xing Clan’s teacher behind the patriarch. He himself is an Advanced Rank Martial Master, and it is impossible for him to break both attack from Xing Feng and Zhao Zhen like that. He first suspected that Lu Zhan has reached the Martial Ancestor level.
“So, you two admit defeat, or do you want to try again?” taunts Lu Zhang.
“Hahaha, Brother Lu Zhang’s strength is unbelievable. I, Zhao Zhen admit defeat. Xing Feng, you?” says Zhao Zhen helplessly.
“I admit defeat,” says Xing Feng right away.
“HAHAHA! If that’s the case, then I, Lu Zhan is the champion of this competition!” says Lu Zhan with a wild laughter. Not even looking at Xing Feng or Zhao Zhen anymore, he walks straight to the prize podium.
“These prizes are now mine then?” asks him to the old man.
“Master Lu Chan is the champion. If there is no one to challenge you these prizes are naturally yours,” replies the old man.
“Oh? Is there anyone willing to come to this stage and fight me?” shouts Lu Zhan. His eyes sweep through all the three clans new blood area. However, all new bloods lower their head, avoiding Lu Zhan’s aggressive gaze.
“The prizes are mine,” says Lu Zhan with a full smile.
However, as he reaches to get his prizes, a somewhat relaxed voice is heard.
“Wait just a minute!”
Lu Zhan sweeps over the new blood regions looking for the one who spoke. Everyone in the audience is also doing the same. They are curious about the one person who is willing to die, who dares to challenge this terrifying champion.
“No need to search there, I’m here,” says the voice one more time.
The voice apparently comes not from the new blood area, but from the spectator seat. As all eyes look toward the source, they see a handsome youth wearing a simple black clothing, who is now walking slowly toward the stage.

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