War God Asura

Chapter: 88 (END)

Uncle Pan’s Story
“Can you show me that jade pendant?”
After a few moments of excitement, Uncle Pan excited face become calm again, then said toward Xing Jue with caution.
Xing Jue faintly smiled and put the jade pendant on Uncle Pan’s hand.
After carefully looking at Xing Jue’s jade pendant, on Uncle Pan face appear an excited smiled. His smiling face like he is getting a rebirth. Then he Immediately said to Xing Jue: “You finally come.”
“En, indeed you look a bit similar to him.”
After Uncle Pan carefully looking at Xing Jue, Xing Jue smiled and said: “Uncle Pan, did you know my father?”
This time, finally Xing Jue unable to bear the excitement in his heart, he excitedly asked Uncle Pan. Since Uncle Pan is the person who he is looking for, he must know about his past.
“I knew him, but not close to him.” Uncle Pan said with a smile.
“Do you know where is my father now?” Xing Jue continues to ask.
“I don’t know, seventeen years ago, I was told to wait for you here by your father, to give you something, since you are here now, my duty considered to be complete.”
During the talk, Uncle Pan took out a piece of jade pendant from his chest and carefully look at it. Unexpectedly, that jade pendant was a same with Xing Jue’s, it’s a pair with Uncle Pan’s jade pendant, that two jade pendants merge under Xing Jue’s shocking eyes and finally mixed into one jade pendant.
After these finished, Uncle Pan starts to look at the jade pendant, admire it excitedly, but a moment later, he gives it to Xing Jue.
“What does this mean?”
Looking at the jade pendant in his hand, Xing Jue didn’t see the difference between the previous jade pendant and this jade pendant, but just now he clearly saw, this jade pendant is the result of two jade pendants fuses together.
“You have an extraordinary Soul Power, if it were found out by your family enemy, you would be killed. But this jade pendant able to suppress your Soul Power, and it won’t discovered by other people.” Saw Xing Jue confused, Uncle Pan explained to Xing Jue.
“So that’s how it is”
After hearing Uncle Pan words, Xing Jue finally understood his father’s intention. Then he put the jade pendant in his chest, Xing Jue curious eyes went to Uncle Pan.
He is very strange, why Uncle Pan said that he didn’t know about his father, but he still willing waiting here for seventeen years, now he comes, if he didn’t come, isn’t Uncle Pan will wait for him here for a lifetime.
For not a familiar person, willing to do such a thing, Xing Jue never heard and didn’t believe there is such a person.
“Hehe, this is a long story, if you want to know what happened, please sit down.”
Seems to see what Xing Jue is thinking, Uncle Pan said to Xing Jue with a smile, then indicated Xing Jue to sit down.
Saw that, Xing Jue quickly sit down. Xing Jue anticipated this story.
“I think you can see it too. I am not an ordinary person.”
“Actually, it’s not a harm to tell you, in the past, I am the most powerful person in this region, at least in this east Sky Martial Continent, nobody is my opponent.” At this time, Uncle Pan proudly smiles.
Nobody is his match in East Sky Martial Continent? Heard about this, Xing Jue couldn’t help admiring this Uncle Pan, but it feels strange, why this powerful person just now let that several bandits take advantage of him, is he deliberately hiding his strength? Isn’t his ability to bear patiently too powerful?
“But when I thought that I am already very extraordinary, your father suddenly appears in my front of me.” At this time, Uncle Pan mood become excited.
Xing Jue also feels that his father has done something to this Uncle Pan.
“Your father and I make a bet. He said that he could defeat me in one move, and the bet is he wants me to wait here until you appear.”
“Although the bet extremely troublesome, but in the past, I didn’t think that I will lose, so I received this bet.”
“And the result, I was defeated.” Speaking of this Uncle Pan fist tightly grip. Obviously, he still has a lingering fear regarding that past.
And after listening to Uncle Pan words, Xing Jue even more surprised, Uncle Pan was known in this entire eastern Sky Martial Continent, nobody was his opponent, this explained that he has a powerful strength.
What makes Xing Jue shocked was, unexpectedly, his father can defeat Uncle Pan in one move, what level his father was? What rank would he be? Just think about it, Xing Jue heartbeat becomes faster, at this moment for him that power simply too scary.
“After that, your father afraid that I will break my promise, then he seals my strength, and the key to untie that seal is the jade pendant in your hand.” Speak till here. Uncle Pan looks at Xing Jue with anticipation.
Heard about this, Xing Jue somewhat speechless, his father’s method is very ruthless, for a former peerless powerhouse, how important is power, no wonder a powerhouse like Uncle Pan willing to wait for him here.
“Can you… help me untie the seal? As long as you help me, no matter what in the future, as long as I can help, I will try my best to help you.” Suddenly Uncle Pan excitedly said to Xing Jue. His words have several points of pleading.
“Where is that seal? After silent for a moment, Xing Jue slowly asked.
This Uncle Pan is miserable enough, out of compassion in his heart, Xing Jue also wants to try to help him. If he helps Uncle Pan to restore his strength, he will be a great help to him.
In three big empires, no powerhouse can be his opponent, later isn’t this kind of help can make Xing Jue without trouble walk in three big empires?
“Boundless Sea Region”
Uncle Pan said a single sentence and an extremely strange name entered Xing Jue’s mind.
“Boundless Sea Region? Where is that?” Xing Jue curiously asked.
“Sky Martial Continent is huge, the present three big empires at the eastern of Sky Martial Continent, that eastern part, actually only the forgotten corner of Sky Martial Continent.
But Boundless Sea Region at the west of three big empires is a powerful area, and my home is there.” Uncle Pan explained it to Xing Jue.
And after hearing Uncle Pan’s explanation, Xing Jue finally understands what is said. There is always someone better under the sky.
No wonder his master “Old Feng” once told him, that Imperial Wind Pavilion force in mainland only a medium force.
For Xing Jue, Imperial Wind Pavilion a medium force already this powerful, to what level that superior force will be? In the past, his Soul Devouring Clan was the most powerful force in Sky Martial Continent, how fierce his clan was at that time?
“Boundless Sea Region not far from here, normally if we walk there, in half year we can reach it.” Uncle Pan said again.
“Not far? A half year? Half year called not far?” After hearing Uncle Pan words, Xing Jue face immediately become agitated. At this moment the shorter time he get stronger the better, half year on a journey, he can’t have much time to waste.
“As long as you help me, I guarantee in one year you will promote to Martial God level.” As if see Xing Jue’s anxious, Uncle Pan said again.
“In one year promoted to Martial God? You’re kidding, right? Do you know what level I am now?” Xing Jue extremely not believe it said.
“Preliminary Rank Martial Sovereign, and soon you will break through to Intermediate Rank Martial Sovereign.”
“Don’t be surprised, such a trifle, a moment ago I can see it when you fight that several bandits.” Uncle Pan slightly smiles and said.
“Are you serious?” At this moment, Xing Jue starts to admire Uncle Pan, only looked at the strength of the other people’s attack, he can recognize that person’s strength, this is not an ordinary person can achieve.
“If I lie to you, you can, not help me to untie that seal, but I want to tell you, helping me equal to helping you too.”
“Actually with your father’s strength that time, unexpectedly, he must do this kind of thing, it explained that at that moment he was in a dangerous situation, and his enemy is stronger than him.”
“Although the words aren’t pleasant to hear, if your father still alive, he won’t abandon you in this remote place.” Uncle Pan said again.
After hearing Uncle Pan words, both of Xing Jue fists grip even tighter, and the squeaky sound continuously sounded from both of his fists.
In fact, Xing Jue also knows that it’s possible his father already died. Otherwise, it’s impossible for him to leave that word, make him an ordinary person who is not special.
Xing Jue also guesses regarding his past. His father should be a Soul Devouring Clan survivor, for the sake of his clan return to its original state, he practices diligently.
“In the end, his father did reach the top level, but he still defeated.”
“However, the ultimate causes of defeat probably that mysterious powerhouse that Xiao Qian said, the powerhouse who completely destroyed Soul Devouring Clan alone.”
“All right, I promise you.” After silent for a moment, Xing Jue lifts his eyes and said toward Uncle Pan.
Although his father was defeated, Xing Jue still wants to try, although right now revenge is too far away, but as long as he is powerful enough, it can be achieved. Xing Jue must promote his strength as soon as possible because he has too many things to do. Strength is his assets.
After hearing Xing Jue words, Uncle Pan’s face finally excitedly smiles.
“Then when will you leave with me?” Xing Jue asked again. As long as think he can promote his strength, Xing Jue more anxious than Uncle Pan.
“Tonight, we can only go secretly. Otherwise, it will be bad to explain it to everybody.” And after silent for a moment, Uncle Pan slowly said.
“All right” Xing Jue also agreed.
Saw Uncle Pan melancholy look, Xing Jue also guessed the reason, although Uncle Pan once a peerless powerhouse, but in these seventeen years he lived as an ordinary person, living together for seventeen years with Peaceful Village residents, that emotion not false.
Therefore, Xing Jue and Uncle Pan when the full moon highly rises, in the night when everyone was asleep, they went toward the unknown journey.

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