War God Asura

Chapter: 87

Peaceful Village, Uncle Pan
At the eastern border of Imperial Wind Empire, there is a village, and this village is called “Peaceful Village”.
Several Miles from the east side of “Peaceful Village”, there is a vast river, and this river is divided Imperial Wind Empire and Nangong Empire border, it’s called “Boundary River”.
And the villagers of this “Peaceful Village” mostly fishing in the Boundary River. During the day, men catch fish in the river, women repair the fishing net at home, although the standard of living not high, they live happily and comfortably.
“Aunty excuse me, did you know where is Uncle Pan?” A handsome boy is wearing a black robe, standing in front of Peaceful Village entrance and respectfully asked an aunt.
This young man is Xing Jue, after Xiao Han injury stabilized, Xing Jue made a decision that he leaves to look for experience, and won’t return to Imperial Wind Pavilion if he does not reach Martial God level.
And this “Peaceful Village” is Xing Jue first stop. Xing Jue has big expectation regarding that Uncle Pan. In Xing Jue’s father letter said that Uncle Pan able to help Xing Jue. Therefore, Xing Jue thought Uncle Pan must be an extraordinary person, and perhaps he will greatly help his practice.
“You mean Doctor Pan, right? Walk straight following the village road. You can see a thatched hut with “doctor” signboard.” That old lady point at the village road and said with a smile.
“Thank you, Aunty.”
After respectfully said, Xing Jue slowly walks following the stone road.
The village wasn’t big, in short period Xing Jue arrived at the thatched hut that the old lady said.
Although the outside of thatched hut, somewhat worn-out, but inside the house is extremely neat, after walking into the house a herbal medicine smell floating toward Xing Jue nose.
And now inside the thatched hut, an old man whose hair somewhat gray, wearing a pale blue long Chinese style garment in the middle feeling a youth pulse.
“Want to see a doctor, please sit down and wait over there.” Saw someone enter the room, the old man said in a soft voice.
After Xing Jue smiling and replied, he sits on the nearby wooden stool, then take a look at the old man in front of him, this old man probably around 50 years old.
Although his body is somewhat thin and weak, Xing Jue always feels that this old man is unusual. But what makes Xing Jue unable to understand is, no matter how he senses, he felt that this old man only an ordinary person, doesn’t even have a Martial Artist power.
“Thank you, doctor Pan.”
That young man took the medicine that the old man prescribes and respectfully said, then walks to the outside of the room.
“Young man, where did you feel unwell?” After that young man had left, that old man said toward Xing Jue.
“Excuse me, Are you Uncle Pan?” Xing Jue slowly stood up and respectfully said.
“Haha, the people in the village called me doctor Pan, from which village are you?” After hearing Xing Jue words, that old man’s brow slightly wrinkled. However, on the other side, he also admitted Xing Jue question.
“Get out of the way, get outta the way!”
When Xing Jue about to explain his purpose to come to Old Pan, suddenly there is a noisy sound from the outside. Afterward, several threatening robust men with naked upper body enter.
Their body has every kind of fantastic tattoo. Their appearance looks fierce. Obviously, they are not good people, and they also have Advanced Rank Martial Artist strength.
“Who is the doctor?” At this time, a guy looked at Xing Jue and Uncle Pan and loudly shouted.
“Precisely, this old man.” Uncle Pan said with a smile, his smile has a calm feeling.
After seeing Uncle Pan calm appearance, Xing Jue determined that this Uncle Pan, absolutely not as simple on the surface.
“Hurry up, carry big brother inside!”
After hearing Uncle Pan’s words, several robust men dashed from the outside of the room and loudly shout, their hands support a man who is wearing armor.
This man’s figure a lot more robust and tall from that several guys, and his face covered with black beards, he looks somewhat scary.
However, right now, from that man’s arm a stream of blood continuously flows out. Obviously, he suffered a heavy wound, although that man’s aura is somewhat weak, but Xing Jue can still feel it. This man is Preliminary Rank Martial Master.
“You, get out!”
At this time, the previous man pointed at Xing Jue and said.
Xing Jue slowly stands up and walked out of the house. Xing Jue saw these big guys are not good people, if only Uncle Pan inconsiderate, they will meet with unexpected calamity.
At that time, naturally Uncle Pan will attack, and Xing Jue also can take the opportunity to check, Uncle Pan is a master of what level.
“Uncle, who are these people?”
After Xing Jue comes out from the thatched hut, two big men are standing outside the door, both of their arms folded, Xing Jue walked toward the crowd and curiously asked.
“Young man, you’re not a local right? They are mountain thieves.” That uncle said toward Xing Jue with exaggeration face.
Regarding the mountain thieves, Xing Jue also heard a little. They are nothing but little bandit king that occupying a mountain, in ordinary people’s eyes, they are an evil tyrant, an expert in rookie eyes.
After knowing the origin of this group of people, Xing Jue found a quiet corner and sat down. Although Xing Jue distance far from the thatched hut, he can hear the conversation inside the room.
After an hour, that man’s arm had been bandaged by Old Pan. After that Old Pan gives him a Chinese medicine, he who lost his consciousness, awake.
“Hei, what..”
Waving both of his fists two times, after feeling his arm injury seems a lot better, he immediately widely opens his mouth and said with a smile: “Not bad, not bad, this old man’s medical skill is not bad, bring him back to our mountain stronghold.”
After hearing that man’s words, two big men walk toward Uncle Pan with threatening manner.
“This Old senile, only treat in this village, if later Chief gets injured, you can come here to find this old man, and I will go to the mountain stronghold with Chief, please forgive this old man can’t obey your order.”
Saw that man with armor want to bring him to the mountain stronghold, Uncle Pan stand up and slowly said.
“My big brother asks you to leave with us, he thinks highly of you, where do you have your choice.”
That several big guys ignore Uncle Pan, a big arm directly held Old Pan.
Even though Uncle Pan struggle with all of his strength, but still unable to shake that big guy incredibly strong arm, in this way Old Pan dragged to the outside by this group of people.
“Let doctor Pan go!”
Saw that, the Peaceful’s villagers didn’t stand still, one by one they pick up a harpoon, and surrounding that several bandits, although the villagers afraid the bandit.
However, Uncle Pan is important for them. The villagers catch fish and go hunting outside the village, and often get injured, a lot of them quickly recovered by Uncle Pan. If Uncle Pan being snatched from them, that’s equal to cut their way to live. Naturally, they didn’t agree.
Saw Old Pan allowed himself to be overwhelmed. Xing Jue brow wrinkled, thought: Did I find a wrong person? Is this Uncle Pan an ordinary person?
“D*mn! Did all of you tired of living?” One of the big guys furiously shouted. He waved his right arm, then directly hit a villager. Saw that, these villagers frighten and start to retreat.
“I will kill you!”
At this time, a youth who previously visit doctor Pan, holding a harpoon and advancing toward that big man, ruthlessly try to stab him.
But when that harpoon about to stab the big man, that harpoon gripped by that big man’s hand, then he clenched the harpoon and immediately wave his right arm, that young man severely thrown.
That man holds the harpoon in his hand and turn it over, then adjust the sharp side of the harpoon and throw it toward that young man.
Saw this scene, some timid female villagers scream, then quickly block both of her eyes with her hands, doesn’t dare to look again.
“Tang lang lang”
At this time, Xing Jue suddenly flashes to the front of that young man’s body, and that harpoon directly hit Xing Jue’s body. However, after knocking against Xing Jue’s body, not only it didn’t pierce into his body. Instead, it was bent by Xing Jue’s body, then dropped on the ground.
“Who are you?” Saw that, the man who is wearing armor went to the front of that several robust men and seriously asked.
“Put down Uncle Pan, and quickly leave, I will act nothing happened.” Xing Jue glances that man with contempt and coldly speaks.
“What a joke, do you know who my big brother is? My big brother is Preliminary Rank Martial Master. Did you know what Martial Master is? He can use Martial Qi. Did you know what Martial Qi? That is invisible and can’t be touched, the mysterious gas in Sky Martial Continent. It can…”
Didn’t wait for that man in armor start to talk, a strong man arrogantly came in front of Xing Jue body.
But doesn’t wait for that man brag finished, Xing Jue sleeve casually wave, that strong man’s body falls like a kite, after making a graceful arc in the air, he lay upside-down on the ground.
“Courts death!”
Saw that, that man loudly shouted toward Xing Jue, although he sensed Xing Jue is not ordinary, but as the leader of this group of thieves, he won’t admit defeat in front of Xing Jue small body.
A muffled sound, that man who as big as the previous big man, flew away, finally lay on the nearby ground.
“Quick, quick, quickly run!”
This time, the rest of that several guys finally realized how powerful Xing Jue. They quickly put down Old Pan, then lifted that strong man and the other man, and quickly ran out of the village.
Leaving behind a group of dumbfounded people. Compared with them, Uncle Pan appears remarkably calm, he pats the dust on the back of his body, came to the front of Xing Jue body, cups one hand in front of his chest and said: “Thank you, for little hero help.”
“Uncle Pan no need to be polite, actually this time I come to ask something.” Saw that, Xing Jue quickly cup his hand in front of his chest and politely replied.
“Oh? Please come into the house.” Uncle Pan feels uncertain for a while and said toward Xing Jue.
“Uncle Pan, do you know this?” After walking into the house, Xing Jue didn’t talk any more nonsense, he directly takes the jade pendant and hands it over to Uncle Pan then slowly said.
“You, you, you are?”
After seeing that jade pendant, Uncle Pan face that always calm, instantly becomes excited, even his body start to tremble.

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