A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 100

Hearing Han Hai’s family speak for himself, Sun Yuhao’s mouth suddenly showed a proud smile, and the gaze that looked at Ye Fan was full of disdain and mockery.
You a humble person, what can you compare with my Sun Yuhao?
However, in the face of the reprimands of Han Hai’s family, Ye Fan didn’t have any waves in his heart, nor did he pay any attention.
He never cared how people looked at him, the only thing he cared about was Qiu Mucheng’s own thoughts.
“After eating, I went downstairs.”
“I’m waiting for you downstairs.”
Ye Fan didn’t say much, just looked at Qiu Mucheng, said a few words lightly, then got up and opened the door and went downstairs.
“Damn, a useless scumbag, not a bad temper?”
“He is incompetent, what right does he have to control my sister Qiu.”
“Sister Qiu, don’t pay attention to him, let him wait by himself, and it’s better not to come up forever.”
“Those who have nothing to do are relying on bullying women to find a sense of existence.” Remember to read for a second
“Mucheng, you don’t need to pay attention to such an incompetent person. He cannot be an obstacle to your pursuit of a happy life.”
Before Ye Fan left, the Han Hai family’s contemptuous voice heard behind him.
Sometimes Ye Fan couldn’t help but feel what’s wrong with this society.
Why, wherever I go, are people with such snobbish reality.
In this mundane world, there are too few people who are sentimental and righteous.
It was late at night.
The moonlit night was lonely, and the wind at night was somewhat cool.
The community is dark. At this point, everyone has eaten or rested, or the family is sitting together watching TV and playing mobile phones.
There was no one on the small road of Nuo Da, only the faint light swaying in the middle of the night.
There are thousands of lights in front of them. Looking through the window, Ye Fan sees his wife and children talking and laughing, enjoying themselves.
But at this time Ye Fan, alone, standing alone in the dark night of a foreign land, his thin body looked so lonely and lonely.
Ye Fan, had been waiting downstairs for a long time.
But the person he was waiting for still didn’t come.
Stabbing fac0c4c5~
An electric light suddenly struck through the sky, and thunder followed.
It’s raining unexpectedly.
Ye Fan didn’t bring an umbrella, so he went to a small pavilion in front to take shelter from the rain.
However, not long after Ye Fan left, Sun Yuhao and others came down.
There was the neigh of a BMW car in front, Ye Fan looked up, and then saw a slender and graceful woman sitting in the BMW car under the care of a man.
“Be careful on the road~”
“Have fun. They are all a family. You don’t need to share with Yuhao. I hear you.
The orange light tore the dark sky, and the BMW car carrying the beautiful lady was gone.
There was a hearty laugh from the Han Hai family in front, but the laughter, like a sword, plunged into Ye Fan’s heart.
It hurts.
Ye Fan smiled and laughed at himself.
He suddenly felt that the three years he had been with Qiu Mucheng had become a joke.
He worked so hard to treat her well. From the moment she married him, Ye Fan had sworn that he would be a qualified husband, at least better than his ruthless father. She would never let Qiu Mucheng suffer as much as her mother did.
But, the result?
He worked silently for three years, but finally lost to the man who had only known each other for one night and drove the BMW.
“Forget it, that’s it.”
“I thought you would be the one who shared the prosperity with me, but now it seems that I think too much~”
Ye Fan smiled faintly, with self-deprecation and loneliness, turned around and walked into the wind and rain alone, letting the cold rain wet his clothes.
But suddenly, Ye Fan felt that the rain around him stopped. But the sound of fine rain can be heard in the distance.
Ye Fan looked up slightly and saw an umbrella, propped on his head.
“Let’s go, let’s choose a gift for my grandma together.”
On a rainy night, Qiu Mucheng held an umbrella for Ye Fan, and her graceful body stood there, like a lotus lotus out of water. She smiled brilliantly, her eyebrows blooming.

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