A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 101

“Mucheng, Nizi, is not sure of such a good opportunity tonight.”
“You turned down Sun Shao, and went shopping with Ye Fan’s wasteful stuff?”
“I don’t know what she thinks?”
Looking at the two people holding the same umbrella gradually moving away in the rainy night, Han Hai and his wife sighed quietly.
A look of hatred for indisputability and sigh of misery.
It was Han Feifei who got in Sun Yuhao’s car just now. Qiu Mucheng refused Sun Yuhao’s invitation and went shopping with Ye Fan instead.
Han Hai also had a deep face. He remembered that when he saw Qiu Mucheng last time, Qiu Mucheng still looked coldly disgusted with Ye Fan, but now, for some reason, Han Hai always feels that Qiu Mucheng treats Ye Fan. Attitude, there has been a subtle change.
“Perhaps, it was Ye Fan’s dedication to her that moved Mucheng.”
“But Mucheng, it will take one day. A man’s goodness is the cheapest compared to power and wealth.”
Han Hai shook his head and then greeted his wife upstairs. First URL m.
“Let’s go, I believe Mucheng will see the gap between Ye Fan and Sun Shao at the jewelry show tomorrow.”
Han Hai and his wife quickly went upstairs.
Ahead, Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan were chatting as they walked.
“After all, Sun Yuhao was introduced to him by my uncle. I rejected him tonight. It would be impolite to refuse tomorrow’s invitation.”
“So, tomorrow, I plan to go to the jewellery exhibition held in Jianghai Hall with Sun Yuhao, so please go together.”
Qiu Mucheng whispered, as if seeking Ye Fan’s consent.
Although Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan are not as husband and wife, Ye Fan is still her husband in name. Besides, Ye Fan also helped Qiu Mucheng a lot with the Qiu family’s affairs before. For some things, Qiu Mucheng naturally had to consider Ye Fan’s feelings.
Ye Fan didn’t object either. If he refused, it would appear that he had little belly. Anyway, when the time comes, with him, Sun Yuhao dare not do anything wrong with Qiu Mucheng.
The night passed quickly.
Early the next morning, Sun Yuhao called and said that he would come and pick them up at three in the afternoon.
However, Qiu Mucheng declined, saying that it would be fine to sit in Feifei’s car, and don’t bother him to run again in person.
Soon it was three in the afternoon.
“Sister Qiu, hurry up.”
“Don’t make Brother Yuhao wait in a hurry.”
Han Feifei had changed into a delicate long dress, but she was as happy as a little sparrow, shouting at Qiu Mucheng downstairs.
“I’m coming.”
Qiu Mucheng and Ye Fan quickly went downstairs.
“How did you come?”
“My brother Yuhao didn’t invite you?” Seeing Ye Fan, Han Feifei’s original smile suddenly disappeared, his eyes full of displeasure.
“Feifei, he is your brother-in-law, don’t be too young.”
“If he doesn’t go, I won’t go either.” Qiu Mucheng replied.
Han Feifei couldn’t help it. Her parents asked her to match Qiu Mucheng with Sun Yuhao as much as possible. Sun Yuhao also asked Han Feifei to help. Qiu Mucheng must be there for today’s jewelry exhibition.
“All right, come up.”
“Look at it, I got the car dirty.”
Han Feifei looked disgusted and stared at Ye Fan.
Afterwards, the group of three drove to the Jianghai Hall in the city center.
“Sister Qiu, let me tell you that this Jianghai Guild Hall is a gathering place for powerful and powerful people. Even if it’s my father who uses his relationship, he may not be able to enter this exhibition today.”
“Those who can be invited to participate in today’s exhibition are absolutely rich or noble. People who live in the river and sea.”
“If it weren’t for Brother Yuhao, we would never have the chance to get in.”
“At that time, you and Brother Yuhao have a lot of fun, and I have to take the opportunity to find a handsome man. If this young lady is also favored by a rich second-generation, it will make a lot of money.” Along the way, Han Feifei said with joy. , In the words, they are full of beautiful words to Sun Yuhao.
After a while, he arrived at his destination.
Sure enough, luxury cars were already on the ground outside the hall. This little Buick like Han Feifei drove, almost embarrassed to stop in.
The gap between people is sometimes so obvious.
“Feifei, Mucheng, you are here.”
Sun Yuhao had been waiting at the door for a long time, and seeing Qiu Mucheng and Han Feifei arrived, he immediately greeted him with a smile.
Still holding a bunch of flowers in his hands, they gave them to Qiu Mucheng.
“Yesterday, you rejected me. This time, I shouldn’t be able to reject it.”
“It was given by a friend at the time.”
Sun Yuhao said, but Qiu Mucheng couldn’t find any reason to refuse.
“That’s it, Sister Qiu 3e8c4c5b, if you don’t accept it this time, I feel a little uncomfortable.” Han Feifei also matched up.

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