A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 99

Soon, the food is ready.
Han Hai’s family, Qiu Mucheng, Ye Fan and others were seated.
“Mucheng, you are next to Yuhao.”
Qiu Mucheng wanted to sit down with Ye Fan, but who could have imagined that Han Hai ordered Qiu Mucheng to sit with Sun Yuhao.
“Uncle, isn’t this bad? Me~”
“What’s wrong, Yuhao is a guest, we have to be polite.” Han Hai stared and mixed.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t dare to say anything, so she had to be next to Sun Yuhao.
Don’t dare Ye Fan is not a vegetarian, and sat down on the other side of Qiu Mucheng.
“Have you called you to eat? Really thick-skinned?” Han Feifei gave Ye Fan a blank look, but whispered contemptuously.
“Well, everyone eat while it’s hot, don’t let it cool.”
“Especially Yuhao, you are welcome. I will treat this as my own family in the future.” Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Also, in the future, just call Mucheng directly, don’t call Miss Qiu, see more outside.”
“That’s right, my cousin is very easy to get along with, Brother Yuhao, you don’t have to share with him.”
The Han Hai and his wife kept asking Sun Yuhao coldly from time to time, but they were very enthusiastic.
In that way, it is as if their niece and son-in-law were not Ye Fan, but Sun Yuhao.
“Mucheng, as the saying goes, those who are close to vermilion are red and close to ink are black. You will have to walk with promising people like Yuhao in the future. Otherwise, staying with the worthless people all day, you are afraid of it. It’s hard to make progress.”
“I’ll tell you, not only Yuhao is great, but Yuhao’s family is also great. If anyone marries him, then he will be a step ahead, and the family will follow.” Qiu Mucheng’s aunt also said with a smile.
“Yes, and Yuhao is also young and promising. This year, without any accident, he will be rated as one of the top ten outstanding young people in Jianghai. This kind of person has the background and ability, and I don’t want some people to be incompetent and ineffective. It is a world of difference. Ah.” Han Hai echoed from the side.
Qiu Mucheng just nodded with a smile, and didn’t say anything. Instead, she looked at Ye Fan from time to time.
Ye Fan at this time was like an abandoned son, but the Han Hai family didn’t even care about him. Ye Fan didn’t lick his face and talk, just eating silently there.
Qiu Mucheng watched from the sidelines, feeling a little uncomfortable in her heart. She wanted to say something, but she didn’t know how to speak.
As soon as I saw it, the dinner was over.
But Sun Yuhao invited Qiu Mucheng to take a walk and look at the night view of Jianghai.
“You see, Yuhao is thoughtful. Mucheng, you haven’t gone out to play since you came. The night view of Jianghai is very beautiful, let Yuhao accompany you to have a look.”
“Yeah, cousin. Yuhao knows Jiang Hai very well, he knows where is fun.” Han Feifei seems to especially hope that Sun Yuhao can get together with Qiu Mucheng.
“I’m sorry for this. My wife will go with me to buy things for grandma. I guess I won’t be able to accompany you out.” At this time, Ye Fan’s faint voice came.
Especially that wife, the tone is extraordinarily heavy.
Sun Yuhao’s brows immediately frowned, and Han Hai’s and others’ faces suddenly became ugly.
“Damn, did we talk to you?”
“Do you dare to interrupt if you are a waste?” Han Feifei said angrily, “Repay your wife, you still have the face to shout, you take my sister Qiu as your wife, do you think my sister Qiu is your husband?”
“If it weren’t for the bad old man in the Qiu family who was in charge of the house, do you think you could marry my sister Qiu? I’m afraid my sister Qiu wouldn’t even want you to be the son-in-law.”
Unexpectedly, Ye Fan dared to interrupt, but Han Feifei scolded angrily.
Han Hai was also full of displeasure, and looked at Ye Fan: “I advise you to be a little self-aware. There are some things that you don’t deserve, and you can’t force them to come.”
“Mucheng, listen to Uncle, Yuhao invites you to go, just go. No one can restrain you.”

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