A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 102

“Okay.” Qiu Mucheng smiled awkwardly, glanced at Ye Fan secretly, and then accepted it.
“Huh?” It seemed that he had noticed Qiu Mucheng’s gaze. Only then did Sun Yuhao notice that Ye Fan had followed, and he frowned.
But in front of Qiu Mucheng, Sun Yuhao didn’t embarrass Ye Fan, he still maintained a gentleman’s demeanor.
“Let’s go, the exhibition has already started, let’s go in and take a look.” Sun Yuhao smiled.
“Okay, okay~” Han Feifei couldn’t wait, and several people walked towards the door.
“Mister and Miss, please show the invitation letter.” At the door, a security guard stopped them.
Just then Sun Yuhao remembered: “Look at my head, you don’t know what you think all day, so I forgot to give you the invitation letter.”
Sun Yuhao quickly took the invitation letter from the bag.
“Haha, our brother Yuhao just missed my sister Qiu.” Han Feifei joked from the side.
In a moment, Sun Yuhao had already passed the invitation letter to Han Feifei and Qiu Mucheng. When Ye Fan arrived, Sun Yuhao slapped his thigh.
“Broken, brother. I brought three invitations with me. Do you want to give me this?” Sun Yuhao deliberately. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
He knew that he was not enough with the invitation letter, but he deliberately said at the door now, just to see Ye Fan make a fool of himself in front of Qiu Mucheng.
“I’ll go, what do you do for him? He is a poor man, it’s useless to go in, just show us the car outside.”
“Sister Qiu, Brother Yuhao, let’s go in. I can’t wait to see the diamond ring.” Han Feifei pushed Qiu Mucheng and Sun Yuhao forward.
“Or, me too…” Qiu Mucheng couldn’t bear it, and wanted to say something.
“It’s okay, you go in first. I will come later.” Ye Fan said softly.
Han Feifei laughed at the time: “I’m going, this pretender, who do you think you are? It’s ridiculous, you are a poor dick, what will come later?”
“Sister Qiu, let’s ignore him, it’s like an idiot.”
Han Feifei smiled sarcastically, pulling Qiu Mucheng into it.
Before entering the hall, Sun Yuhao smiled back at Ye Fan and lowered his voice: “I see, this is the gap between you and Ben Shao.”
“As soon as I was born, I was qualified to stand here.”
“And you? Thirty years? Forty years? I’m afraid you won’t have the qualifications to walk here in your entire life.”
Sun Yuhao smiled triumphantly, and then followed Han Feifei to catch up.
Here e6c91b1b, only Ye Fan is left standing here.
“Where’s the poor boy, don’t you get out?”
“What kind of occasion, is this a place where you can come?” Seeing Ye Fan’s delay in leaving, the security guard at the door suddenly cursed, really wondering, a small security guard, where does the sense of superiority come from? .
The movement here attracted many people who came to the exhibition.
“Shen Shao, it is an honor for our Jianghai Jewelry Association to participate in this exhibition.”
“Shen Shao, don’t worry, the location of the exhibition hall where Shen Jia Jewelry is located is definitely the best in the hall.”
In front of the hall, a group of people in suits and shoes walked along.
Walking at the front is a rich boy with sunglasses, surrounded by others.
“Well, is that?”
Shen Fei was attracted by the hustle and bustle at the door, and when he turned his head, he only felt that his back was a little familiar, and he walked over.
The middle-aged man behind Shen Fei also quickly followed.
Seeing the visitor, the security guard suddenly stunned and hurried forward to say hello.
“This is Master Shen.” The middle-aged character introduced.
“Yes, yes, good vice-chairman, good young master Shen.” The security guard only promised and bowed his head flatteringly.
“What’s the matter, why is there noisy here just now? It disturbed Shao Shen, you can bear it? I think you, the security captain, don’t want to do it.” The vice president suddenly became sullen.
The security captain immediately panicked and said quickly: “Yes, yes, the vice president calms down his anger, and Shen Shao calms his anger. I’ll just drive out the poor who came to make trouble.”
“Hurry up? Let’s do it!” The security captain shouted at Ye Fan immediately.
“Chu…Mr. Chu?” At this time, when Shao Shen saw the person in front of him, the tiger’s body trembled. He was shocked and pushed away the obstructive security in front of him.
“Mr. Chu, fate, we can also meet Jiang Hai.”
“Mr. Chu is in good health these days?”

Seeing Ye Fan, Shen Fei humbled and asked for warmth, in a flattering tone, as if his son saw Dad.
Seeing Shen Fei’s face, the security captain on the side was immediately dumbfounded.
Many people looked foolishly.
Let the vice president of Jianghai Jewelry Association treat people respectfully, and now in front of Ye Fan, how humble and respectful?
The security captain peeed.
Second Austria!
What did I mess with just now?

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