A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 103

“I just came to Jianghai to visit my relatives and friends. I heard that there was a jewelry exhibition here, so I came over to take a look. Who would have thought that security would stop him when he arrived at the door.”
Facing Shen Fei’s inquiry, Ye Fan replied faintly.
The security captain, who was about to sneak away, cried when he heard this.
Paralysis, this is over.
Sure enough, Shen Fei’s gaze was already looking over.
“Does anyone dare to offend things that don’t have eyes?”
Shen Fei gave a cold snort, and then looked at the vice president of the Jewelry Association behind him: “Vice President Wang, what should you do, you should be clear?”
The middle-aged man hurriedly agreed, and then immediately sternly, looked at the security captain, and said coldly: “I see, you don’t have to work here anymore. Go to the finance and get your salary and get out of here. Don’t accept things like you that look down on people.”
“Don’t, vice chairman, I was wrong, I really know that I was wrong, I have an old senior, a junior, and I don’t have any education. I can’t live without this job~” The security captain wore a face. , Almost crying.
“It’s my shit, get out!” The vice president shook off the security captain’s arm, and the old face immediately cursed. Remember to read in one second
Who is Shao Shen, the prince brother of the Hundred Billion Group. To make Shen Shaodu so respectful, the plainly dressed young man in front of him is definitely a bigwig, and he must be a low-key bigwig.
The security captain provokes such a low-key boss, he can only be regarded as unlucky and cannot blame others.
“Forget it, just know it’s wrong.”
“It’s not easy for everyone, this little thing, there is no need to do so absolutely.”
Ye Fan waved his hand, saying that he would not pursue the matter anymore: “However, before leaving, I would advise you to be a calm person, to be a kind person, and to be a smile always People on the side.”
“Yes, yes, thank you, Mr. Wang Dalu, I must follow the instructions of Mr. Wang.” The security captain’s eyes were red, and he was grateful to Ye Fan, so he almost called his father to Ye Fan.
“Huh, this is also Mr. Chu’s benevolence. Otherwise, today you have appointed you to roll over and get out.” The vice chairman cursed again.
Then the three people walked towards the exhibition hall.
“Mr. Chu, go here. Let’s take the VIP channel instead of this soil turtle channel.” Shen Fei greeted him at this time, but he guided Ye Fan to another entrance.
In Shen Fei’s view, only the terrapin can walk this ordinary passage.

“That terrapin, will he arrive later? What does he use as a vegetable market, let you come in if he asks you to pass a cigarette?”
“It makes people laugh out loud.”
“I feel ashamed to bring this kind of turtle out together.”
“Sister Qiu, to be honest, he really doesn’t deserve you. A woman who looks like an immortal like you, Sister Qiu, is your food for people like Brother Yuhao.”
Qiu Mucheng and the three of them had just stepped into the exhibition hall at this time. When Han Feifei thought of Ye Fan’s words just now, she still felt ridiculous and full of sarcasm.
“Feifei, you are not allowed to say that to him. Ye Fan still has some advantages in him.”
“Advantages? Sister Qiu, don’t be funny. Tell me, what are the advantages of that turtle?” Han Feifei asked with a smile.
“He…” Qiu Mucheng was silent for a long time. After thinking about it for a long time, she really didn’t think of any advantages in Ye Fan. In the end, she had to whisper, “He is honest, at least he won’t cause trouble for me.”
“I’m so laughing at bfe72aea.”
“This turtle has this advantage.”
Han Feifei laughed so hard that she could barely straighten her waist, her tears almost came out.
Sun Yuhao on the side also shook his head and smiled, and his face was full of disdain and sarcasm.
“Well, Brother Yuhao, why are so many young ladies standing on the second floor?”
“And they are so pretty?”
At this time, Han Feifei noticed that somewhere on the second floor, there were a dozen young and beautiful women standing on both sides of the corridor, each wearing a cheongsam, as if they were well-trained etiquette ladies. Smiling, with white teeth on his lips, standing there respectfully, as if welcoming some big man.

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