A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 104

Sun Yuhao took a look and explained: “That is the VIP channel. Those who can enter and exit there are the real rich and powerful in Jiangdong. There are not many people in Jianghai who are qualified to walk through that channel, just like people at my dad’s level. , Can I walk through that passage. Even if I am now, I am not qualified to walk on it.”
“Really, it sounds amazing.”
“If you can become their woman, you will definitely be very happy.” Han Feifei suddenly stared, full of envy.
She originally thought that Sun Yuhao could support the group of rich and powerful people in Jianghai, but she did not expect that there are many people in Jianghai who are more powerful than Sun Yuhao.
Seeing Han Feifei’s demonic look at Venus, Sun Yuhao suddenly shook his head and smiled: “Feifei, don’t think about it. Most of those who can walk on it are middle-aged men who have already married and established a business, and they have children.”
When Han Feifei heard this, she was immediately discouraged: “Yes, it’s probably an old man like this kind of top wealthy. But sister Qiu, if you marry Brother Yuhao, maybe 20 years later, you too Qualification stands there with Brother Yuhao, enjoying the respect and envy of everyone.”
However, Sun Yuhao shook his head and smiled: “Feifei, why would it take twenty years for me to stand there? Ten years is enough.”
“Sister Qiu, I really envy you. If it wasn’t for Brother Yuhao that is not interested in me, otherwise I would definitely fight with the mud.” Hearing Sun Yuhao’s proud and confident voice, Han Feifei was full of colors.
“Huh?” The first URL m.
“Brother Yuhao, he is not an old man. There is a younger brother who is about our age?”
At this time, two young men slowly walked out of the VIP channel. After Han Feifei saw it, she called out in surprise.
Sun Yuhao took a look and said with emotion: “There are always a few exceptions in this world. But this kind of person must have a very high status and is not something we can covet. Let’s go.”
Sun Yuhao knew that his status and status could not be compared with them, so he simply didn’t want to look at it anymore, greeted Han Feifei and Qiu Mucheng to leave.
But Han Feifei was very excited: “Wow, sister Qiu, those two little brothers are so handsome at first sight.”
“It seems to marry them.”
“Especially that man in black clothes, a simple and plain clothes, rich but not arrogant, noble but not ostentatious, at first glance is a low-key boss. This kind of person is definitely approachable, super painful, I really want to Marry him.” Han Feifei yelled, her face flushed with excitement.
But Qiu Mucheng looked at the figure wearing black short sleeves and was stunned: “Isn’t that Ye Fan?”
“Sister Qiu, don’t talk nonsense. People are big brothers. Brother Yuhao is ashamed of the rich and powerful. How could it be Ye Fan’s local turtle. This time I have to find a way to get to know this little brother.” Han Feifei But I don’t believe it at all.
“But, it’s really like Ye Fan, the clothes are the same.” Qiu Mucheng bought the black short sleeves, and she certainly recognized it.
“Impossible. Ye Fan and him are so different, how can they be compared. What about Sister Qiu, I think I am about to fall in love with this low-key boss.” Han Feifei said excitedly.
Sun Yuhao also sneered: “Mucheng, you admitted wrong. That is the VIP channel. It will take ten years for me to go up. As for him, I am afraid that he is not qualified to go up for the rest of my life.”
Sun Yuhao pretended to be forced.
At this moment, at a high place in front of him, the man who was slowly moving forward surrounded by Shen Fei and the others suddenly stopped, quietly turned around, looked in the direction of Qiu Mucheng and others, and smiled faintly: “Mucheng, let you Awaited.”
The faint laughter was like a breeze.
For a moment, Han Feifei and others only felt that the air was stagnant.
“Ciao! This… how is this possible?”
Boom, like a thunderbolt, looking at Ye Fan’s bright smiling face, Han Feifei was there at the time.
She didn’t expect that the low-key boss she just wanted to throw in her arms was really Ye Fan?

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