A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 105

Sun Yuhao’s whole person was also stunned in an instant. Ye Fan’s faint laughter was like a slap on Sun Yuhao’s face, and Sun Yuhao was dumbfounded.
A second ago, he vowed to say that it would take ten years for him to stand there. Ye Fan was afraid that he would not be able to walk up in his life, but who would have thought that he was already standing on the heights he looked up to, looking at them with a slight smile.
Incomparable irony.
This face slap came too quickly, but Sun Yuhao caught Sun Yuhao off guard, and the old face stood there with iron.
“Ye Fan, why are you there? Isn’t that a VIP channel?”
At this moment, Ye Fan had already walked down from above, and Shen Fei seemed to have something to do, so he said farewell to Ye Fan and did not come down together.
When fb2ae567 saw Ye Fan again, Qiu Mucheng asked suspiciously.
“Huh, needless to say, he must have sneaked in while the bodyguard didn’t pay attention. Otherwise, he is so poor, how can he qualify for the VIP channel, my brother Yuhao is not qualified.” Ye Fan hasn’t waited for Ye Fan to answer. , Han Feifei said disdainfully.
At this time, Han Feifei seemed to have forgotten who said Ye Fan was rich and not arrogant, and his clothes were simple and approachable.
Ye Fan didn’t explain anything, just smiled. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
He didn’t need to explain, at least Han Feifei and Sun Yuhao did not have the qualifications for him to explain specifically.
“Brother, I advise you to be more careful. If someone like you gets in is discovered by security, they will be bombed out.” Sun Yuhao looked at Ye Fan and reminded him with a sneer.
Then they didn’t waste time here anymore, and a group of people entered the jewelry exhibition hall in front.
“This Jianghai Jewelry Exhibition is the largest jewelry exhibition hall in Jiangdong. Every session will attract celebrities from all walks of life to lead their girls to the exhibition.”
“Especially those beautiful girls, they not only get their own shiny diamond here, but also meet their own love.”
“Mucheng, do you know Chen Ao from Jianghai?”
“Chen Ao?” Qiu Mucheng frowned, full of doubts.
Sun Yuhao continued on the side and said, “You should know Li Erye of Yunzhou. In front of Chen Ao of Jiang Hai, Li Erye can only be regarded as a younger brother.”
“Chen Ao, is the sky of Jianghai. He has been in charge of Jianghai’s black and white for decades, and is the leader of this city.”
“Moreover, the people in Jiangdong gave him a nickname called Jiangdong King.”
Sun Yuhao rarely admires a person, but Xu Ao is definitely one of his admirers.
A man only pursues two people in his life.
Woman, power!
Lying on the knees of a drunk beauty, awakens the world’s power
This is just a few words, but I don’t know how many men have pursued them all their lives.
But Jiangdong Wang Xu Ao undoubtedly did it.
“It’s here, Jiangdong Chen Ao, not only captured the heart of Jiang Hai’s first beauty, but also stood on the top of power. Let the whole Jiang Hai big men bow down to him and stand at the highest point of Jiang Hai. ”
When Sun Yuhao spoke, he was full of yearning and respect.
Qiu Mucheng was obviously startled too: “King Dong Wang? Chen Ao?”
“Even Li Erye, in front of him, can only be a little brother?”
Qiu Mucheng was completely shocked. In her eyes, Erye Li of Yunzhou was already a big figure, but who would have thought that there are people outside of people, and heaven outside of heaven.
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t imagine how powerful this Chen Ao was?

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