A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 107

“Hello, did the lady like this diamond ring?”
“Madam really has a good eye. This diamond ring is a diamond ring that represents true love created by our Shen’s jewelry and the world-renowned jewelry brand Levis.”
“The multi-colored diamonds and the gold-encrusted setting, deduct the elegance of aloft.”
“Look at this diamond, it looks like a lover’s ardent heart, but also like a lover’s tears. If you want to buy it, we will also engrave this gentleman’s name on it.”
“In my name, I will put your finger in your fingers. With one voice, you will be with you forever.”
Seeing Qiu Mucheng and others approaching, a shopping guide at the counter immediately greeted him with a smile and enthusiastically introduced the diamond ring to Qiu Mucheng.
While speaking, the female shopping guide looked at Sun Yuhao who was on the side from time to time, like Sun Yuhao introducing the diamond ring situation.
After all, according to experience, this beautifully dressed girl is usually the one who really paid for it.
Maybe she really likes this diamond ring, Qiu Mucheng has been in the exhibition hall for so long, and finally tried to wear it for the first time.
The crystal diamond ring was worn on Qiu Mucheng’s slender white jade finger, as if this diamond ring was tailor-made for Qiu Mucheng, at a certain moment, even the lights in the exhibition hall dimmed a lot.
“Noble!” First URL m.
“Wow, miss, this diamond ring is tailor-made for you.”
“When you wear it, the temperament of your whole person is so luxurious and graceful.”
The shopping guide is full of words.
Qiu Mucheng stretched out her finger and looked at it, obviously she was also very satisfied.
Ye Fan looked at him, but a bit of guilt emerged in his heart.
When they got married back then, everything was simple, and they didn’t even buy a wedding ring for Qiu Mucheng.
It’s no wonder that Qiu Mucheng showed such a longing look when she saw the diamond ring. Also, as a woman, others have their own diamond ring when they get married. She doesn’t have it. How can she not yearn for it and lose it?
“Excuse me, how much is this ring?” Qiu Mucheng asked aloud.
The shopping guide immediately said: “Madam, the one you picked is the flagship style of our store, and the price is 990,000 in total.”
Ninety ninety thousand?
Qiu Mucheng’s pretty face stopped when she heard the price
Shi Bai stopped talking for a few minutes, and even lowered his head and silently prepared to take off the ring.
Originally, Qiu Mucheng planned to bite her teeth and buy it for herself if it was less than 100,000. Since getting married, Qiu Mucheng has always wanted to have a diamond ring of her own. However, this one, although it suits me well, is too expensive.
Qiu Mucheng shook her head in loss, but just as she was about to take off the diamond ring, at this moment, two voices suddenly sounded behind her, which sounded in unison.
“I bought it.”
“I bought it.”
Hearing these two voices, the shopping guide was stunned, and Han Feifei was also stunned.
They were not surprised when Sun Yuhao said this, but they didn’t expect that Ye Fan, who had been silent for a long time, said this too?
“Ye Fan, don’t talk nonsense.” Qiu Mucheng looked at Ye Fan and said angrily.
“You terrapin, did you still buy it? Are you rich?”
“You still came in this exhibition hall. Why, do you think someone will give you this diamond ring if you say a few good things?”
“Ninety-nine thousand ninety thousand, you are afraid that selling yourself will not be worth that much.”
“If you have no money, you are still pretending to be humiliated?” Han Feifei was full of sarcasm, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot.
Sun Yuhao put his hands in his pockets, and also sneered, looking at the good show: “Brother Ye Fan, gentlemen don’t take advantage of others. If you have money to buy, then you can buy it. I won’t give it to you.”
And the shopping guide on the side is also very personal. Seeing this situation, she knew it almost instantly.
She guessed that the two men in front of her were pursuing Miss Qiu.
Moreover, listening to what I said just now, one of these two people is poor and the other is rich and powerful.
After seeing the situation clearly, the shopping guide has his own plan in mind.
“Okay, let’s swipe the card.” Ye Fan didn’t refuse either. Since Sun Yuhao quit on his own initiative, he would save trouble.
So Ye Fan immediately took out the black card of Hongqi Bank from his pocket and asked the shopping guide to swipe it.
“Fuck, you really dare to buy this poor man?”
“At that time, the money is not enough, how do I see him end?” Seeing Ye Fan still pretending to take out the card, Han Feifei immediately sneered.

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