A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 108

Qiu Mucheng grabbed Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, you are crazy. If you make trouble on this occasion, you will be driven out.”
Qiu Mucheng’s words already contained a bit of sullenness.
Obviously, Ye Fan’s behavior of hitting a swollen face to fill a fat man made Qiu Muying very unhappy.
Isn’t his 025a6e22 humiliating himself?
When the time comes, she will be a wife, and she will be ashamed!
Qiu Mucheng felt regretful, she knew that she shouldn’t have brought Ye Fan.
However, Ye Fan turned a deaf ear, and still passed the card to the shopping guide.
The shopping guide glanced at it and suddenly smiled: “This sir, I have been a shopping guide for ten years. I have seen all kinds of credit cards and bank cards, but you have never heard of this kind of card, and I have never seen it.”
“You are a fool, don’t think that others are also fools.”
“I think you’d better take this fake card back and use it yourself, don’t waste everyone’s time.” The shopping guide sneered disdainfully, but threw the card over.
With a snap, the bank card fell on the ground. Remember the URL http://m. Kanshu8. nest
“Sister Yingying, isn’t this bad, they are the guests after all?” At this time, a younger shopping guide next to him was a little bit intolerant and spoke to Wang Yingying.
However, Wang Yingying glared at her: “Honestly do your business, it’s not for you to interrupt.”
After shouting at the young shopping guide, Wang Yingying put on a respectful face and looked at Yuhao Sun: “Sir, is this lady your girlfriend?”
“A handsome man, a noble and beautiful, sir, you and this young lady are a perfect match.”
“If the husband gave this diamond ring to Miss Qiu, I believe no woman can refuse.”
After speaking, Wang Yingying looked at Qiu Mucheng again, and said with a smile: “This lady, if you meet such a good man, I think you will marry.”
“People are handsome and willing to spend money on you. Unlike some people, it is ridiculous that they are poor and forced to be a dick. If they have no money, they still learn from other people to pick up girls.”
“Such a good man, you can’t find any lanterns you use.”
Wang Yingying was flattering, even if Sun Yuhao knew that Wang Yingying was trying to sell the diamond ring, he was in a very good mood.
“You know how to talk. Since Mucheng likes this diamond ring, the young master bought it.” Sun Yuhao said boldly, and then took out the card.
When Wang Yingying saw this, her heart burst into joy.
If this order is completed, she will get a lot of commission.
“By the way, why is this diamond ring so small and how big?” Sun Yuhao glanced at the diamond ring, but frowned.
“This is 2.99 carats.”
“No, it’s too small. How can this diamond ring match Mucheng’s beauty? Is there a bigger one?” Sun Yuhao said boldly, but his tone was pretending.
“Damn, Brother Yuhao is so proud!”
“Sister Qiu, I envy you too much.” Han Feifei screamed at this time.
When Wang Yingying heard this, she was immediately excited. She thought that she would meet a local tyrant, and she quickly replied, “There are some.”
While talking, Wang Yingying immediately took out another diamond ring: “This one has the same shape as the one just now, but the diamond is as high as 9.99 carats, which is the treasure of our town.
Hearing 9.99 carats, Sun Yuhao twitched without a trace, but he still asked boldly, “How much?”
“It’s not expensive, it’s only 3,999,000. Xiaoyu, hurry up, take this gentleman over there to swipe the card.”
“Miss, it is your great blessing to have such a gentleman who loves you and loves you. If it weren’t for my older age, I would definitely snatch it from you.”
Wang Yingying started to pack the diamond ring and sighed at Qiu Mucheng.
However, on the other side, Sun Yuhao stood there and didn’t mean to pay.
“Huh? Xiaoyu, what’s the matter with you, don’t you soon go to this gentleman to swipe your card. By the way, in order to bless the two of you, I’m in charge. I don’t want the fraction. I just sold it for 3.99 million. Miss, get married in the future. I will give you a wedding candy.” Wang Yingying said cheerfully.
But Sun Yuhao’s eyes twitched fiercely, and the corners of his eyes were almost twitching.
Am I someone who lacks that nine thousand dollars?
What I lack is more than three million!
At this time, Sun Yuhao scolded the shopping guide violently. I asked you to find a bigger one, but I asked you to find a bigger one!
It was almost four million all at once, even Sun Yuhao couldn’t stand it. He doesn’t have so much money in Cary.
Pretending to pretend to be big, Sun Yuhao stood there, his face was blue and white, but he didn’t pay with his card.

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