A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 109

Seeing Sun Yuhao riding a tiger in trouble, Qiu Mucheng said: “Yuhao, no need. You really don’t have to spend so much. I won’t charge you if you buy it.”
Sun Yuhao seized the opportunity and quickly stepped down: “Really? Mucheng, don’t you like such a big one? I think it suits you well. Don’t you say that I just swiped the card to buy it just now.”
“Well, if you don’t like it, then I will reluctantly buy you a smaller one.”
“This~” Wang Yingying, the shopping guide, was all fascinated. She was all packed, but she didn’t want it again.
But since the guests have spoken, Wang Yingying didn’t force it anymore, and took the smaller diamond ring over Sun Yuhao’s intention.
While packing, Wang Yingying brushed Sun Yuhao: “Miss, your life is very good. You have to be so rich and handsome to pursue you, you have to take good care of it, and wait for your happiness in the future. As for the poor boy just now, he is not worthy of you. , Advise you to stay away from him in the future.”
At this time, Wang Yingying didn’t forget to belittle Ye Fan, and Han Feifei glanced at Ye Fan disdainfully: “If you don’t have money, you can be ashamed.
Sun Yuhao raised his chin proudly, holding the bank card in his hand, looking at Ye Fan with a victor-like posture. There was ridicule and disdain in his eyes.
In that way, if you are saying: “Now, know the gap between you and me?”
But Ye Fan was standing there alone, with the bank card thrown on the ground by Wang Yingying lying at his feet. On his delicate face, there was no joy or sadness. No one knew what Ye Fan was. Thinking of something.
At this time, there was a young man walking behind Ye Fan. Remember to read in one second
Seeing the visitor, Wang Yingying, who was still chatting just now, and other shopping guides quickly put down their work, and then respectfully greeted them.
“Master, are you here?” Wang Yingying bowed her head respectfully.
“Yeah.” Shen Fei nodded, “I’ll come and see, nothing happened, right?”
Wang Yingying respectfully said: “No. There was also a poor boy who wanted to fool me with a fake card, and I saw it at a glance. Now I was holding it there and waiting for the young master to come back to deal with it.” Wang Yingying looked inviting credit. Waiting for Shen Fei’s praise and reward.
“Well, there are other things like this? What about that person, really dared to eat the bear heart and leopard, my Shen family jewelry, dare to make a mistake?” Shen Fei suddenly became angry.
“Isn’t this right here?” Han Feifei snorted and looked at her with her hands in her arms, smirking.
Sun Yuhao also smiled, and there was a good show.
But Qiu Mucheng was full of worries, thinking that it was broken, and quickly explained to Ye Fan: “Master Shen, I’m so sorry, just…”
“Well, Mr. Chu? Haha, such a coincidence, did you meet again?”
Just halfway through what Qiu Mucheng said, at this time, Shen Fei had already turned his head and was shocked when he saw Ye Fan.
“What Mr. Chu?”
“You have admitted the wrong person. His surname is Ye. He is just a poor man. Where can he be called Mr.?
Shen Fei’s respect for Ye Fan made Han Feifei, Sun Yuhao and others stunned.
However, Han Feifei’s mind turned fast, and soon realized that the rich man in front of him probably admitted the wrong person.
But looking at the shopping guide, the young man in front of him seems to be the prince brother of the Shenjia Jewelry Group. Han Feifei didn’t expect to meet the prince of Shenjia Jewelry here. She thought it was fate. Her Han Feifei’s spring had finally arrived.
So, excited in her heart, Han Feifei immediately leaned forward with a smile on her face: “Master Shen is looking for Mr. Chu? I am familiar with Jiang Hai. I can take you to find it. By the way, my name is Han Feifei. May I ask. you…”
Han Feifei has enthusiastically reached out to Shen Fei.
“Why Han Feifei and Han Tiao jump, walk away, and block Ben Shao’s way.” Seeing a woman suddenly blocking his way, Shen Fei immediately became displeased, ignoring Han Feifei’s outstretched hand. He pushed the woman in the way aside.
After that, Shen Fei smiled flatly and respectfully greeted Ye Fan: “Chu…Brother Fan, Brother Fan, we are so coincidental, we have met again.”
Originally, Shen Fei wanted to call Mr. Chu, but when he thought of the incident at the Seaview Hotel, he knew that Ye Fan was low-key and didn’t want to reveal his identity, so he changed his mouth and called Brother Fan directly.
At this time, Shen Fei also noticed Qiu Mucheng on the side.
“Haha, no wonder Brother Fan came to this jewelry exhibition, it turned out to be for his sister-in-law.”
“I didn’t look closely last time, but I saw it up close today, and my sister-in-law is really beautiful and graceful.”

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